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The Book of Boglárka Eötvös
« on: February 09, 2022, 04:12:55 PM »
Boglárka Eötvös

February 9th

I have lost everything. I came to this city, this Vallaki because I had nothing. My mother got sick. My father was blown away. My brother is missing, and my sister was murdered. It has been so unfortunate for my family in the past ten years. Tragedy has befallen us one by one. Everyone, but me. After mother got sick and became frail, I stayed behind to help her. I hoped that it would help her to heal, but it only seemed to cause her to become weaker. No matter how much food I gave her or how much care I did, I knew in my heart it would lead to the same result. Death. My family has seen so much death up until this point. I thought perhaps the Dawnmaster would spare her from this. I love my mother, even in death. She was the sweetest woman that I have ever witnessed, and I try to be like her every day. And despite my father's violent nature, she loved him until his death. And even beyond that. She would not ever remarry. And chose to wear black for all the rest of her life. She told me that it was true love. But would true love adhere to such things as murder? I don't know if I agreed with her on that.

Once mother was gone, our house was taken and seized. I was thrown from my home with nothing but the clothing on my back. I thought that Krofburg would be kinder than it was and more understanding. But no. I don't know whose decision it was. I was simply given a pack with a bit of bread and cheese in it and told to make my way to the Sanctuary of Eternal Dawn in Vallaki where I would be given food and shelter. So I went as I was told, and I met a woman named Ana.

Ana is a beautiful woman, taller than me. But then again everyone is taller than me. She introduced me to Harcus. Another brother of mine, now. I have not gotten a good read on him. He is a mystery to me like so many other things, but he is well educated on the Morninglord and already I have learned a great deal from him. I respect him and I trust him now. I in my brothers and sisters.  I was given robes that day, a book, prayer book and a necklace. I put them on and immediately started doing what my mother taught me. To be a nurse. To work with the body and mend it. Whether it be my gifts from the Morninglord or it be nursing and sewing them back up.

The first few days of my duties, I met a great deal of people here. I met a woman named Ophelia who is the keeper of the Graves. Perhaps that is presumptive of me to call her that, but she seems to be in charge of a few men that take care of the graves. So therefore, she is Keeper of the Graves. Anyway, from her, there is a man named Emánuel. He is of my people but again, I don't really know him. He seems very nice and was cutting the shrubs near the church. Those boys are always keeping the yard so nice and clean. Then, there is Keir. He seems like he has a chip on his shoulder. Maybe someone wronged him a long time ago. I don't really know. But I do not even when he frowns, he is nice to me and kind. Perhaps he keeps that as a face and deep down inside he is just as friendly as me. He reminds me in many ways of a man I met in a tavern. A gruff miner who had lost something precious to him not long before. His wife. And he could never really get over it. So even though he may frown, he has a good heart. I see inside Keir's heart too. I know he is a good man.

Then there is Giles. They are friends I think, him and Keir. They have spoken together a lot. They helped bury corpses that were left outside by vroloks. I watched them bury the corpses, one by one. That day was a very sad day. To see the lives of those that once lived, buried. Unnaturally ended by creatures that are unnatural. These people had lives just like mine and just like mine can end too. That could be me. I selfishly think of such things when..I am writing. Annaka was there too. At first, she was a little distant and cold for a sister in faith and of my own People. But after a talk with her later on after this event, her and I became very close. I'd like to consider her a friend. She offered me gifts. I know this is how she loves. I think her ward is a woman named Bellona who keeps her safe.

About this time, is when I met a man named Ciprian. He was upset that we had allowed a caliban to remain in shelter in the church. At the time, I didn't really hear it. Or see it to notice much. He came in, angry. I could almost feel it radiating. I always try to do what is right, sometimes I faulter, sometimes I don't. When we got outside, I wanted to make sure that he knew none of this was the church's fault. And later, I explained to him how I simply didn't see the caliban. Maybe I was being defensive, I don't know. But he took a liking to me. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it's a bad thing. I don't know right now. I do know I care for him. And I want him to do well as a guard. Since then, we have spent much time together and he has kept me safe. It's true, we may have kissed once or twice, but that is it. My mother would be upset if she heard this. But bless her.

Recent events though, have left me less than happy. There is much death. There are many vroloks. A man named Hashan has promised me that he will do something about it. That he will rid the night of at least one. I have gotten to know him as well. And I think he is a good man.

I will end with the vroloks. I know they are dangerous, but despite what I do, the health I provide I only feel as if it is getting worse. Now I hear there are other creatures that I have never really even heard of. I feel powerless and knowledgeless. I was told by sister Ana that I needed to read about those of the past, of the churches past that has served the Morninglord. And this I will do, to preserve her good memory. I hope she turns up okay. I worry so much. And I doubt myself even more.

Until next time, perhaps I will have something more to write on.
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