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Dark Delights
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Full Name: Ciprian Nicu Vladimirescu
Pronounced: ch-pri-ann
Gender: Male
Body: Athletic/Well Toned
Scent: leather
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 176lbs
Hair: Black/Brown
Hair: Short
Hair: Well Kept
Eyes: Icy Blue/Green
Lips: Full
Skin: Dusky Tanned
Voice: Pleasing
Age: Middle Aged
Race: Human
Home: Vallaki, Barovia
Languages: Common, Balok
Occupation: Garda

Ciprian, often called simply "Cip" has an exceedingly charismatic personality that seems out of place in the garda. Coupled with his good looks and relatively good personality he comes across as rather likable and friendly. Whether in uniform or out, he always speaks with a friendly tone regardless of who he interacts with. While he is ever the flirt with many women who seem to show interest, he is without attachment to any. A curiously odd trait for one with a good-looking appearance and an appealing personality.

While an orphan, he does seem to have a preference for finner things that do not always seem to correspond with the wage of his occupation. Despite such, there is only one object that seems perpetually on him or never far from his hand. A beautifully made and rather high-quality straight razor. Not something one just casually acquires or possesses in his line of work. Despite such, he carries it almost like a religious token. Often found sharpening it or cleaning it with an almost obsessive-like focus.

Over the course of his service, Ciprian has picked up a few scars, most notably a recent set of puncture wounds on his neck. Should any see him without attire or armor to cover him. He has a few maint scars across his flesh, not appearing terribly life threatning and looked to have been tended to be rather skilled hands by how well they seem to of healed. None of them seemed to mar or deface his flesh. Rather seeming to serve as accents to his form and a life lived in defence of his city.

Spoiler: Imediate Family • show

Mother: Lăcrămioara Elena Vladimirescu [Maiden Name: Albescu]

A bleak and simple woman, a life lived in Vallaki slums had robbed the woman of most of life's joys. Despite such, none could ever fault her loyalty or duties to her family. While her life was simple and mundane she put immense pride into the raising of her son. One of the few comforts she had, despite a life raised in the slums she devoted herself to ensuring her child never saw himself as less than. Doing all she could to see him start each day as well as possible. Spending her nights mending or sewing his clothing, or making do with whatever she was able to get her hands on to see he never went to bed hungry. Even if at the cost of herself.  It was rather common to see the waif of a woman with a black eye, split lip, or bruises. One day it all seemed to stop. The woman never seemed to bear a single injury again.

From an early age, his mother could see there wasn't quite something right in her child. Unlike most who may have sought help, or tried to beat such out of their child. She made excuses or cleaned up after him. Never asking questions or pressing where the bloodstains came from or what happened. Instead silently washed the stains out of his clothing or cleared away the dried blood from his skin before his father or neighbors could see.

Suffering in silence all her life, Lăcrămioara eventually fell ill. Even in death, she was not spared a swift and painless end. Dragging out moths, little by little her illness ate away at her before she was finally gifted release from a long and cruel life.

Father: Vali Valeriu Vladimirescu

A brutish and unkind man, Vali took great displeasure in his life. The lack of opportunity and achievement he had acquired. Ever dissatisfied he took little interest in the family he felt forced into starting. He quickly lost interest in his wife when the circumstances of their life took their toll on her. Quickly fading what little beauty she had once had. What little coin he could earn honestly or from a bit of idle gambling was barely enough to maintain a roof over their head or to feed them. It wasn't uncommon to hear drunken ranting coming from the come. Or seeing him with split knuckles the next day.

Everything seemed to just stop one day. For days Vali was not seen, only to emerge one day looking far worse than his wife had ever looked. A violent gash ran from his forehead down through his left eye and down his cheek. Leaving the eye milky white. His pinky and ring finger seem to be missing as well. From then on,  for as long as their son lived there. It seemed like there was a measure of peace. When their son left, there was the occasional loud argument but things remained tentatively calm.

When his wife finally passed to her long-suffering ailment, it was hardly a day after before Vali was found strung up in the home he and his wife had shared. His wrists slit for good measure. Despite their turbulent and violent long marriage. It had seemed he had little desire to live on without her. Despite to the eye of others who had known him, having noted he didnt seem that distressed about his wifes passing.

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