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Eldritch Helstrom
« on: June 16, 2019, 10:14:42 PM »
Since my Bio was too long for Ingame, figured I'd throw it on here.

The figure before you seems the apt description of any Ravenloft citizen at first glance, garbed in dark clothing with a hood pulled close about his features and a despondant look upon his face. Upon further inspection there is a bit more to this pale man. His face is handsome beneath the hood, but it is marred by trace evidence of combat. A large wound long since healed stretches from the bottom of his right earlobe - or what is left of it - across his cheek, and then down along his top and bottom lips. He seems to be constantly repositioning the orientation of his lips and mouth, it seems more of a nervous tic than of relation to the wound itself. And then you notice another of these tics, His eyes are constantly darting about at the slightest sound, as if he's constantly hearing a whisper just beyond the edge of perception. He does well to hide it when he does notice you, knowing full well someone in this place may take it more for something unnatural than a wound of emotional trauma.

He often keeps himself bundled up in robes of grey and black and tightly wound about himself, his form is rather thin, almost sickly looking. Strapped to his back is a greatsword, the wooden haft is filled with strange carvings, likely made by the wielder himself judging by their errant quality. And beneath his robes you also believe you can spy a quiver although the bow must be beneath his cloak somewhere. He may be wearing other weaponary at and given time, such as a shortsword or bastard sword strapped to his hip. Should he be wearing his Greatsword - (Locals may recognize it) it has the makings of a house sigil although it would be hard to remember where you saw it. Some lowly noble family that had likely been long since put to ground.

He has a small satchel just off of his hip, the contents would be hard to determine but you think you can hear the jingle of a coinpurse... (Opportunity for Thieves/Pickpockets if LFRP If interested,

His shoes are dark brown Leather and laced well up his shins. He has a pair of rather simple black cotton pants and a belt with several small vials at his waist.
Apart from that, the cloaks he wears obscure most of his other trappings and garments, save for those two shards of eldritch green from beneath his hood.