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The Collective Memory of the Land Of Mists
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An extended and contiguous timeline of IC events may be found here: PotM's IC Timeline

759 BC - Drow Blue Water Inn Massacre.
760 BC - The Sullen Woods Massacre.
764 BC - The Wachter Estate Massacre. As well in this year, Krofburg is restored from ruin by generous donors.
765 BC - The First Invidian Invasion. As well in this year, the Wayfarer Kinship lodge is opened by retired adventurer Loric Ashall, to all good-willed people.
768 BC - The War of Copper Knives heightens, with such battles as the Slaughter at the Luna Bridge.
769 BC - The War of Copper Knives ends with a temporary Wachter victory, before they are decimated by Count Strahd Von Zarovich.
770 BC - The Usurping of Strahd Von Zarovich XI by Lyssa Von Zarovich.
771 BC - The Reclamation of Barovia by Strahd Von Zarovich XI. Taking advantage of Strahd's absence, Barovia experiences the Second Invidian Invasion and the Gundarakite Uprising at the hands of her enemies.
772 BC - The Invidian Border Incursions.

767 BC - The First Falkovnian Invasion.
769 BC - The Election.
770 BC - The Revolution and the Second Falkovnian Invasion. In this year, the Company of the Fox is first formed.
772 BC - The Civil War begins, as aristocratic forces of the Covenant, led by the Maitriser Marius de Mortigny, declare war on the Council of Brilliance.
773 BC - The Battle of Point Sable. The occupation of Port-a-Lucine by Covenant forces, and their subsequent withdrawal as Falkovnian forces stir again in the East. Earlier in this year, the Grand Opera Massacre occurs, with many being slain in their seats by the Vicomte de Roquefort. As well, the Company of the Fox is dissolved, merging with the city Gendarmerie.

773 BC - The Rampage of Ramulai. Blood fills the streets as Rashemi and Mulan alike are slaughtered by a servant of House Za'am.

765 BC - The fiendish realm is discovered in the Mists. Initially the Vistani form a little camp outside the deadly place.
770 BC - The Vistani eventually stop traveling to Perfidus. Since this time, Perfidus has remained lost in the Mists.

770 BC - The Valachani Incursion.
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