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Newspapers, Pamphlets, and Manipulative Media from across the Land Of Mists



* Bulletin - A newspaper for the Company of the Fox
* Compagnon d'Érudits - A sardonic publication from the Society of the Erudite
* L'Avant-garde - An agitating publication distributed in the aftermath of Revolution, 771
* L'Avocat - A handbill distributed by firebrands during the Revolution of 770
* L'Jaseur - A handbill examining the scandal of Port-A-Lucine
* L'Observateur - A respected newspaper with a pro-government leaning
* La Balise - A gazette published semi-regularly after the Covenant’s seizure of Port-a-Lucine
* La Bougie - A newspaper owned and operated by Councilor Wymmer Drukker
* Les Damnés - A gossip pamphlet distributed in the Publique
* The Mithril Owl Periodical - A publication run by members of the Erudite Society
* Port-à-Lucine and Surrounding Environs, courtesy Corvinus de Larose


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