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Jack Wilson Path of the follied Son
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[Hidden in these pages are the origins and stories of Jack Wilson a dimwited man who some ridiculed and yet if they knew the truth may take pity on this soul. Being illiwterate one could not write of himself but he could remember clear as day the day his mother hugged him farewell and when he slew his first pitic.]

Jack had always been a dimwitted boy as long as he could remember his mother and he lived on a farm isolated from the village. Many said means things of him and his mother that she was a foolish girl who got what she deserved for loving her man. Buy for Jack momma wams everything momma knew best.

As a boy he worked on thier farm and worked hard liatening to hia mother. He was not all bright and had to learn through repetition. Often his mothers patience lead her to tears and Jack hated to see her cry something aweful. Every fourth day of the third long seven days a man would come in his fancy clothes asking for taxes. Momma didnt much like him always using words Jack was not suppoaed to use.

As Jack grew he grew bigger than the other kids around him although his mother did not allow him to play with the other children except when they went on the seventh day of each seven days to the white temple. Torm was the the person who owned the temple Jack knew that. He also knew he wasn't allowed near the children ar church. People often saying they didn't want thier children catching what Jack had.

His mother would sooth his lonliness with song and stories he liked those the best. She would sing him of Jack be Nimble which was his favorite cause they shared the same name. Often Jack spoke with the farm animals really his only friends in his solitude.

When he became a young man his mother allowed him to go to the village to make errands. She had taught him things to say things not to do. She said the to ignore people mean to him and keep walking. She had always chastise him for being so oafish and brutish those days. Jack found himself easily distracted by the aight and sounds of the village.

His only friend was Mr. Butcher he was the man that took care of thier animals after theybwould sell them. It took Jack a long time to understand what happen to the animals till one dreadful day he discovered Mr. Butcher killing Gladis thier cow with a big axe. It yook days for gis mother to council him and chastise Jack for being so childish for his age.

Mr. Butcher was like the father he didn't have and taught hin alot of things about killing. Even the bad thieves that would steal from his market. Jack's size made many uncomfortable as he became a man and few ever messed with Mr. Butcher who use to secretly take him to a place called a brothel so he could be a real man.

Well that was till Jack one day found Mr. Butcher and his mother. He treated her like the brothel women and knew it was wrong. Jack felt red in the face and took the man clear of his mother's bes and through a window. Foggy thoughts Jack had woke to be covered in the blood of Mr. Butcher and remembered all hia teachings.

Rhat day in the market he took over as Mr. Butcher for the day serving him up to the people. When he came home and brought all the money back he and his mother slapped gim fierce cursing the stupid boys name for ruining her happibess. Although Jack was bigger and stronger he took his beatings whimpering like a child.

Many wonder what happen to the Butcher. Jack became the Butcher and farmed his momma land. When he finally became a man his mother began to rent him out like an ox foe diffeent heavy work. Momma enjoyed the gold coins Jack brought home money seemed to make her happy. So Jack continued to make more money and worked thr farm happy she was happy and gleeful if all his animals.

A strange man was in his house talking with momma. The man kept looking outside at Jack and she did as well. Jack furiously stomped towards the house and the strange fancy clothed man with the gold tooth told him he could be a grwat fighter. That the people liked strong people the best peoplr. Told Jack he make friends and playing a game he called a sport. Momma seemed to be happy about this and Jack nodded to the man wanting his momma happy. Jack didn't  like this game though.

Every day he foughtqith other men other things some of them he thought were animals. It was loud always loud and it smelled like piss and ale all the time. But the fancy man would come in give him large sacks of gold, women, beers Jack didn't like the man but his momma was well dress she lived in a fancy houae in town. But Jack still lived in the farm alone now with his animals.

He didnt like the fancy man he took his momma away and was always over her like a dog in heat. She giggled and he was always doing things to her Jack thought was wrong. Then about a little more than a year he and momma argued alot. Jack didnt like when he smacked her. But she told Jack not to do anything. The Dandy man as Jack called him stop seeing momma and Jack saw her sad. Jack didnt want to fight for thr Dandy man but he kept holding up a piece of paper saying Jack had to fight or else his momma and his farm was his. Momma explained she was in love and she did something stupid. Jack never thought his momma was stupid she was the smartest he knew.

Then along came the Dandy man one night amd they were arguing. Dandy man slapped Jack's momma ans he lifted the oak table and brought it down on the Dandy man and did it again and again.

Momma looked up and Jack knew he messed up again but all she did was hold him sobbing. Law men came and Jack liked how shiny thier metal suits were. But they werent friendly when the tossed Jack in the wagon. The oaf of a early man spent many suns and moons from momma. Jack couldn't recall how long but he knew it had to be when they let him out the grass was really tall and thr animals didnt look good. Momma had strange men again in thier house Jack didnt know why and she always smelled like ale slapping Jack everday to grow old and die.

Dats when the bad kids came and killed all of Jacks animal friends. Then they did the thing on top of his mother the Butcher did. Jack felt his face red and the three boys were gone Jack made them into scarecrows the crows couldnt stop pecking them but it kept them from his crops. Momma locked him in the cellar snd told him to not come out it was like the small cell the Lawmen put Jack he didnt like tight spaces.

Jaxk saw a few suns and moons till one night he heard people screaming. The tiny window in the cellar he could see his momma yelling at a lot of angry people. They had one of Jacks scarecrows another Momma was crying alot
They all screamed and Jack watched as his momma was torn here, there, and there.

Jack felt his face red he banged on the cellar door cry8ng and yelling. The people opened the door and Jack came rusbing out like bear. He tore and broke every person in his way they tried to hurt him but Jack was strong. Strongest there was strongest there is and when it was done no one moved as Jack craddled his momma's head.

After he buried his Momma more torches came more people came. The farm was foggy like Jack's mind many people grew scared thats when Jack saw the Mistman waving him over. Thats when Jack heard the Mistman say "Jack be nimble Jack be quick. Jack run from the mob into the mist. Don't be strong just be swift. They will die and youll be fine."

Since that day Jack neverrd looked back he ran through the miat hearing the people die. The Mist man's raspy voice was right and all Jack did was grin till he was tired and the smell of spices and music lured him  in.
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