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Applications for a Monstrous PC or AMPC
« on: October 26, 2006, 03:34:04 PM »
Before applying for a monstrous PC (MPC) or Atmospheric MPC (AMPC), please make sure to read the introduction here. Make sure you feel yourself able to fulfill the role with its demands and genuinely interested in playing it as such. It is generally a selfless experience, where the satisfaction of playing the role comes from the roleplay satisfaction you bring to others.

There are further some practical conditions and terms playing a MPC or AMPC:

- The prospective Monstrous PC player cannot have been banned for anything within the past 6 consecutive months of active play. (That means none of this getting banned and disappearing for 5 months, then playing for a month and claiming to have been good for the last 6.)

- The prospective candidate must have a minimum of 3 consecutive months playing time.

- Needs to prove detailed knowledge of the particular monstrous race they are requesting (as per written application with cited sources of monstrous mythology).

- Monstrous PC's may be subject to forced closure if captured (circumstantial), and should be ready to accept this unconditionally.

- Only one MPC per player at any given time. If your MPC is brought to closure, you may apply for another, though you are not guaranteed to get a new one simply because you had one before. You may play both a MPC and an AMPC at the same time however.

- Please keep in mind once your character becomes a MPC it is in far the most cases final. The DM Team will not be accepting requests to revert a MPC to a regular PC, with the only exception being when curing lycanthropy, but even that is a very involving process and won't be done unless very compelling IC reasons points toward it, and it serves the greater narrative.

- Only existing PCs will be made into MPCs. You may not start a brand new character off as a monster. Existing PCs will transform into monsters as the result of a plot/event which will be totally in-character. If you want to start out as a MPC, apply for an AMPC instead (see below).

- All MPC's have a six month expiring date.

- MPCs can apply for an extension to this expiring date if there are circumstances that speak in favor of it (OOC circumstances or if it's clear that things are heading toward culmination/closure but just needs a little more time to bring it about). Just send a PM to the DM team explaining the reason in brief.

- Characters who are at the 5th stage of the Dark Corruption path (DP 5) also count as MPCs (being subject to the same terms).

Please submit your application using the form below to any of the active DM's on this list. Please note that all Monstrous PC applications are subject to review by the entire DM Team and are not a guarantee in and of itself that your PC will become one.

The current playable Monstrous subraces include a variety of undead, werebeasts and other monstrous beings we feel are well suited to gothic horror stories. The complete list of options is available here.

The Wereraven is a monstrous template that is available with a supporting storyline sponsored by a Dungeon Master. It presents a unique contrast to other monstrous concepts and thrives with a designed purpose and so those interested in embarking on this journey should collaborate with an interested Dungeon Master prior to submission.

Atmospheric MPC (AMPC)

As an alternative to the regular MPCs, we also offer the possibility of playing an AMPC. The most distinguishing feature is that they are PCs that start out as MPCs. The application process for AMPCs is also shorter, especially if you have successfully played a MPC or an AMPC before. The other requirements remain the same.

Further features worthy of note are:

- Compared to regular MPCs, they should particularly be played with emphasis on building atmosphere rather than story. They should be played as more cunning adversaries than regular AI controlled foes in the world, raising the general sense of fear and adding an element of uncertainty. They still need to be careful of not grieving low level players though, and if possible, prefer scare rather than slaughter when victims are willing to be scared.

- Their life duration is by default 6 month (182 real life days), but exceptions can on rare occasions be made, if it serves the atmospheric purpose. Deciding this will be up to the DM team.

- A player can only have one AMPC at a time. You may play both a MPC and an AMPC at the same time however.

- You can send in an application for an AMPC even if you currently have one, but if accepted, you won't be allowed to play the new AMPC before the prior dies or expires.

- By default, an AMPC start out as level 13. More experienced/successful MPC players may be allowed to start out as higher level if able to provide convincing reason for requesting this. Higher level MPCs will be expected to avoid hunting in lower level zones.

To apply for an AMPC, follow the same process as with MPCs, but clearly specify that you are applying for an AMPC.
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Re: Applications for a Monstrous PC or AMPC
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 06:38:41 AM »
Application form for MPC*

Applying for AMPC or regular MPC: MPC/AMPC

Applying for MPC race: (insert desired race)

Character name:

Basic (non-monstrous) race:

Classes (if regular MPC, please also state current levels):

Player account:

Forum account/name:

Other characters/accounts:

Character Background:

Describe your knowledge of this race and how it would apply to your character:

Describe how you intend to improve the atmosphere and experience of others through your playing of this character:

Describe how you imagine the story of your character could possibly culminate and finally end (not binding, but for inspiration):

(A)MPCs are meant to serve as monstrous adversity for player characters that go beyond what NWN AI can provide and fit thematically with the Gothic Horror genre.  As such, they should be complex and nuanced creatures that are driven by their own, unique impetus. Please detail your character's objectives and goals and how you potentially envision pursing them.  Bear in mind that (A)MPCs are meant to be predominantly DM independent, so ensure you structure your (A)MPCs objectives in way that isn't reliant on DM involvement:

* - For regular MPCs, we expect a very thorough application. For AMPCs, a more superficial description is acceptable.
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