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PoTM Tech Specs
« on: November 20, 2016, 12:27:45 AM »
This has been suggested before in a thread about a hak pak, to generate a list of what the player base is running the game on. It will be interesting to see what capability we have as a whole, and I also think it would be good to exchange knowledge about what is the minimum tech required to enjoy the game, and what super powerful monsters still agree and let you play with this golden oldie. Also it would be a good place for people to post any tips on how to make the game run on newer machine with certain pieces of hardware that might cause issues.

Intel Quad 2 CPU Q8300 @250ghz
6 GIG ram (3.5 usable, I've never understood this, running 64 bit so not sure why this number is higher  :think:)
Nvidia Gforce GTX 660
can't work out what motherboard this thing has
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