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Song of Danta:
I decided to make a separate thread to add to over time so that these don't become lost/drowned in Minor Bug Reports. I'll include typos, bad grammar, and unclear phrasing (or phrasing that could be improved) here.


Should be 'do', not does.

Ravenclaw is a type of bramble, earning its name from the slightly curled, pointy twigs that appear like the claws of a bird.

Its. Also, we're missing the word 'flavor' after 'delicate'.

What the heck is a 'lumb'.


Demands for wood have risen, but the trees deeper inside Itu Skoven to the south are useless for construction. They rot too quickly, almost surprisingly so. Thus, we have to harvest what we can near the river and to the north.

You're and welcome.
Also, there needs to be a space after 'burn!'.


The road from this point on has been taken by the weather. The lack of travel and maintenance has left most of it gone.

Demand for wood has risen is correct. It's the demand that has risen. Demand have risen sounds weird. Edit: I think the last one is fine too, it's not a run-on sentence. The second half is directly related to the first half.

Edit 2: Oh hey I just noticed, the first one says demandS. So either "demand for wood has" works, or "demands for wood have."

Song of Danta:
The second half was removal of the (redundant) repetition of 'quick'. It flows better with 'so' at the end, which required the first word of the following sentence being changed to 'thus'. It's not really a big deal if it's kept the way it was, though. So long as that 'to' is fixed. Hiss.

The ring of warmth description needs some attention, as soon as I see one I'll screen shot it. As does the camp fire menu, it says "Throw dirt at the fire". None of my characters would have any desire to "throw dirt at a camp fire" to put it out, they would just rather "extinguish the fire". Photobucket is down for maintanence currently so when it's up I'll upload.

There are so many "typo's", I'm not a native speaker and even I see them, I stopped caring.


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