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Vallaki - Southern Forest Pass
« on: July 25, 2020, 12:12:34 AM »
The day ia apent with a lone man and on occasion a few half elves working the forest from wolves and worgs. Often they are found chopping trees to build small refuge shelters by the old poaaibly abandon tree house. Dracos von Nightscape is seen leaving notes on the door and occasionally sliding letrers through the cracks of the frame.

"To whom may read this and lives in the Tree home. I am Doctor Dracos von Nightscape. I apologize to you but I am uncertain whom lives here.  I have recently taken refuge in the area with some elves due to circumstances. I seek to build a Clinic and had cone across your home. I do noy know if iy is for sale or simply you prefer your privacy and have not answered us. If you interest in renting or selling please come find me outside or at the outskirts.  I would be delighted to meet you and discuss with you terms if you are interested."

Sincerely, Doctor Dracos von Nightscape
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