Author Topic: Port--Lucine - Quartier Marchand - Broken Spire Inn  (Read 790 times)


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Port--Lucine - Quartier Marchand - Broken Spire Inn
« on: October 15, 2016, 06:59:11 AM »
Disaster strikes, Monsieur Le Gros left a blubbering wreck, after three men take advantage of a black winter night to storm into the inn, demanding gold and valuables from the occupants.

A Falkovnian knight and his Vos associate put an end to the criminals, before reporting the assault to the morning Gendarme patrol.

Whispers circulate about the cruelty of the Falkovnian, dubbed the "Broken Spire Blackguard," in dispatching his foes, eviscerating them with his blade. Some tantalising gossip even suggests the man used a set of metal-spiked gloves to rip the bandits apart.


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Re: Port--Lucine - Quartier Marchand - Broken Spire Inn
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A tall finely dressed woman in a quite pleasant mood wearing a horned mask seems to be coming and going from the broken spire quite frequently as of late. Moving often between there and the Publique she seems to be planning for something as she carries fabrics and some papers most the time.