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Author Topic: Letter left at the Citadel for the Burgomister of Vallaki  (Read 352 times)

Alan Hunter

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Letter left at the Citadel for the Burgomister of Vallaki
« on: October 10, 2016, 05:51:47 AM »
Dear Burgomister,

My name is Alan Hunter a once humble woodsman. In the past and now I have hunted the monster that would plague your fair city. In yhe past I helped banished Zachary Dalensbane and with my aid to rid a vampire and offer my knowledge to the citadel of various criminals I believe I done my part. I had once requested a l8cense to bare firearms in defense of vallaki and barovia with its growing monster population. This has been a year and I have had no response other than it is in process or missing.

Though recently a reformed criminal this was due to my wrongful posession of a firearm which was used to fight of the vampire Valsharess along the late Cyrus Gallant. Though wrong its use was the right path to deal with the threat and Cyrus became victorious. Now cleared of my crime of posession I am not above the law and would like to be considered for a permit so I may offer my aid and service fully to help vallaki.

Given the circumstances with the Midnight Raptor my experise could have been fully used had I acess to such tools. It is becoming apparently dangerous in thr outskirts and city and I like to ensure fewer garda and people are victim. If you could eereview my request for a permit I would greatly appreciate it.

Sincerely, Alan Hunter
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