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Author Topic: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2  (Read 20373 times)


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #75 on: January 06, 2020, 03:16:41 AM »
Item Name: Pistolier's Holster

Item Type: Belt

Description: While much of the core regards flintlocks with a degree of skepticism, some individuals assert that they are the future of combat and personal protection. They have even gone so far as to fashion an assortment of belts and holsters to better employ these firearms.

This particular holster is crafted of sturdy cow hide and affords its wearer some protection from the intense heat released from the barrel. The holster itself ergonomically conforms to its users body allowing for easier and safer handling of whatever flintlock its owner uses.

Bonus Feat: Careful Handling
Damage Resistance: Fire Resist 4 / -
Material Hide
Quality Very Good

Cost: 4081

Item Name: Lamordian Rifle

Item Type: Musket

Description: A durable and reliable firearm, the Lamordian Rifle sports two unique features to help its user. First, what appears to miniature telescope has been mounted to the rifle which aids with finding and identifying a target. Second, the gunsmith that produced this weapon used an electrum lined barrel which increases the reliability of the firearm and helps resist corrosion.
While there are many who consider these devices novelties rather than weapons, they have been used time and time to shape history. The reign of the dictator Armand Foquelaine was brought to an end with one of these weapons. His assassin fired on him in his box seat during a presentation of Lotharia at the Grand Opera National. While the original weapon of the assassin resides within the Musée du Port-à-Lucine, this replica is more than an adequate weapon for any would be sharp shooter.

Attack Bonus +1
Decreased Saving Throws: Specific: Reflex -1
Quality Very Good
Skill Bonus: Spot +3
Weight Increase 10 lbs.

Cost: 5542

Item Name: Infantryman Musket

Item Type: Musket

Description: Innumerable copies of this musket litter the cities, coasts and country sides of Dementlieu, They can be found in the forgotten fields of battle, the secret warehouse stockpiles of gunrunners and most importantly, in the arms of men and women marching to war.

Though this particular example seems devoid of a makers mark, its quality is plain for the eye to see. The barrel is free of rust and is polished to a near mirror finish. It's bayonet? Honed to a spears point. The stock is crafted from sturdy rock maple and gives the musket additional heft when striking with the butt of the weapon.

This is doubtlessly the weapon of a true Dementlieuese patriot.

Damage Bonus: Bludgeoning 1d4 Damage
Extra Melee Damage Type: Bludgeoning
Quality Very Good

Cost: 3424

Item Name: Silenced Pistol

Item Type: Flintlock

Description: Commissioned by elements unknown, these "silenced" pistols were originally designed to magically muffle the sound of their loud retort. Only a few batches of prototypes were ever sold after it became known that the pistol actually silenced its wielder rather than the gunshot its self. These firearms still show up at crime scenes from time to time, hastily discarded after their purpose accomplished. A few are even rumored to have disappeared from the Gendarmerie's evidence locker...

Cast Spell: Silence (3) 5 Charges/Use
Quality Good
Skill Bonus: Move Silently +3

Cost: 3624

Item Name: Bertrand's Big Iron

Item Type: Flintlock

Description: This massive flintlock is said to have been the creation of a former Gendarme known only Bertrand. Comprised entirely of iron, it is said Bertrand used these weapons to "assist" suspected criminals into confessing. Its heavy pommel can be used to strike enemies often leaving them dazed momentarily.

Pistoliers beware though. Due to their weight these flintlock make it difficult to parry blows and retain the weapon from an attackers hands. Users of this weapon should exercise caution lest they find themselves on the wrong end of its muzzle.

Damage Bonus: Bludgeoning 1d4 Damage
Decreased Skill Modifier: Discipline -2
Decreased Skill Modifier: Parry -2
Material Iron
On Hit: Daze DC=14 50% / 1 Round
Quality Good
Weight Increase 10 lbs.

Cost: 3968
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #76 on: January 06, 2020, 08:05:34 PM »
This thread is for item requests only.

Discussion is supposed to go here:

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #77 on: March 02, 2020, 02:01:56 PM »
Item name: Tyrant's Bane

Item type:Rapier

"Upon you, the Tyrant king, I shall reveal my rapier, the Tyrant's Bane. Let my steel burn your tyranny from this world, in to the Nine hells!"

First of these rapiers was created by a freedom fighter who fought against a tyrannical king, however due to time and historical records being lost, no one actually knows the name of either, nor the place where the fighter lived.

Damage Bonus: Piercing 2 Damage
Damage Bonus vs. Alignment Group: Evil 1d4 Damage Divine
Damage Bonus vs. Alignment Group: Lawful 1d4 Damage Fire
Damage Bonus vs. Specific Alignment: Lawful Evil 2d4 Damage Divine
Damage Bonus vs. Specific Alignment: Lawful Evil 2d4 Damage Fire
Damage Vulnerability: Piercing 25% Damage Vulnerability
Decreased Attack Modifier -2
Decreased Saving Throws: Divine -6
Decreased Saving Throws: Fire -6
Decreased Saving Throws: Negative Energy -6
Decreased Saving Throws: Specific: Reflex -2
Enhancement Bonus +2
Material Brass
Material Steel
Use Limitation: Alignment Group: Chaotic
Use Limitation: Class: Bard
Use Limitation: Class: Cleric
Use Limitation: Class: Rogue
Use Limitation: Class: Wizard
Visual Effect:  Holy / Radiant

Top: 11 color 1
Middle: 17 color 3
Bottom: 4 color 2

Total cost: 4644

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