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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #125 on: May 28, 2022, 10:32:17 PM »
Item Name: Eyes of Garyx
Item Type: Sickle

Weighty mantle pieces of inset jewels and runaway gold filigree are coveted at large by avaricious collectors, posturing nobility and tigans alike. Fearful of her waning reputation, a decorative sickle was purchased in a fit of monomania by a crumbling Barovian Heiress. Acquisition now mounted overtop a hearth bereft of warmth, the lonely pied-a-terre of her adopted daughter reflected the neglect and abuse faced by the youthful girl kept locked within.

Isolated following the Heiress’ madness, this young adopted girl suffered alone through fits of fever whilst starvation encroached ere closer. Soon the symbol of her mother’s absence intruded throughout the youth’s waking dreams. Haunted by ruby and peridot reptilian eyes superimposed over etched golden flames, rebellion carried her towards the hollow fireplace. Weary, famished, her ailing muscles trembled as they lifted up the decorative sickle. Set upon by atrophy her grasp of its granite handle slipped, drawing innocent crimson blood into cursed recesses.

Heat, smoke and light emanated up and out from the chimney, carried further by burning timber which crashed onto the icy street. Minutes later the building collapsed. Once the last embers had been drowned by the freezing rain, townsfolk gathered to hoist aside the debris. The Barovian Heiress was pronounced dead, but bloodied and broken her adoptive daughter had managed to survive. Witnessing only a foreigner, an outlander, the mob congregated around the daughter’s decorative sickle, which gleamed without a single blemish.

Piecemeal, a new pyre was erected, the young girl bound up and helpless as strangers condemned her as a witch, deserving to be burned at the stake for murder and vraja. Since that time, the sickle has passed into antiquity, awaiting a worthier successor than she. Now, articles reminiscent of the tale have begun circulating into light, mysterious forces fashioning them anew stirred by their inscrutable motivations.

Cast Spell: Claws of the Savage (7) Single Use
Cast Spell: Combust (3) 5 Charges/Use
Damage Bonus: Fire 1d4 Damage
Damage Bonus: Piercing 1 Damage
Decreased Saving Throws: Specific: Reflex -2
Decreased Skill Modifier: Discipline -2
Decreased Skill Modifier: Sleight of Hand -2
Material Gem, Peridot
Material Gem, Ruby
Material Gold
Material Lead
Skill Bonus: Influence +2
Use Limitation: Specific Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Use Limitation: Specific Alignment: Lawful Good
Weight Increase 5 lbs

Total Cost: 5324

Top: 4, 2
Middle: 1, 4
Bottom: 1, 2
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #126 on: June 20, 2022, 12:58:52 PM »
Item Name: Treacherous Eyes

Item Type: Ring

Description: This beautiful ring is said to have been created by a wealthy and paranoid merchant who provided these to his guards for his own protection. Unfortunately for its creator, those gifted with this ring found themselves unwilling to endure the presence of their master much longer after receiving the gift.

Skill Bonus: Spot +4
Decreased Saving Throw: Will -1
Light [Normal (15m)] [Color: White]
Usable only by: Assassin, Blackguard

Appearance: iit_ring_017

Total Item Cost: 968 (This should probably be higher valued on the loot table)


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #127 on: June 20, 2022, 03:02:37 PM »
Posing for discussion. A Vardo bag was recently sold IC for a huge sum because it had weight reduction, and only took up one square of inventory space.

Would it be possible to sell boxes like this, without weight reduction?


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #128 on: June 23, 2022, 03:17:37 PM »
Item Name: AMPC Resurrection Tool

Item Type: Gem

Description: //AMPC use only for scenes

Cast Spell: Resurrection (13) Unlimited Uses/Day

Plot flagged (cannot be traded)

Appearance: iit_gem_166

Cost: 337837500
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