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Author Topic: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2  (Read 77527 times)


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Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« on: October 02, 2016, 10:46:44 PM »
Okay folks, we'll open this up for you guys to request items you'd like to see in the module. Bear in mind that posting a request here is not a guarantee that the item will be made. Also, please only post item requests for the loot tables here. This is not a general item feedback thread or a thread for asking a DM to give you a special item or a new system or crafting component. Posts discussing things and/or derailing the topic will be deleted.

Here are the guidelines:

Basic Item Design

When designing items, be it either for your PC or stores, it's always ideal if you can make them usable for general purpose as well. This is both because of performance consideration, and also because it would benefit in creating a wide array of items available for other situations like loot etc. In the same manner, try to not create new items if some of the items on the current palette could easily equate your needs.

Be in line with the setting when creating items. Make them Ravenloft, classical, gothic, stoic, raw and gritty. Humorous items can be fun the first time, but they rarely stay that way when repeated, and thus, their use quickly fade.

Also, be sure to set the items to unidentified magical. This even applies to items you want sold in stores, as they'll always be marked as identified there. Make a description for them as well, preferably with a background story. Avoid describing the specific item as unique however, as it also greatly reduce the potential use. Often, you can simply describe how the first of the specific item was made and tell it's story that way.

Item balance and target prices

One of the best ways to judge an item's power is by the cost of that item. It's easily visible in the toolset so you can adjust items to fit our agreements fairly easily. While there's several downsides and loopholes of judging by item price, it's really still the most feasible and practical way of determining and comparing an items power and establish some standards. It will also make sure we don't blow our economy by having items that are sellable at excessive prices, and the treasure system is designed to judge what to spawn by gold value. If we feel that some items properties are excessively imbalanced price-wise, we can alter the 2das associated and up the prices they generate.

For all regular, non-magical items, the cost increase of the item properties should never exceed 200 above the version of the item with no item properties applied. This does allow for some simple item properties to be applied to things, but mainly things that are reasonable within what's non-magical properties (like +1 hide for a black cloak). If you want to design non-magical varieties of items that provide more significant advantages, make sure they have drawbacks too that put them within this price range. This is also a consideration of conceivability. For example, if an extra large and weightily greatsword gives only clear advantages, it's fair to assume that all greatswords were designed this way per default.

Some non-magical items can exceed this bar of price increase, but then, they should be considered of exceptional craftsmanship. However, applying extra cost to reflect aesthetic/material value, like a jeweled sword or a golden armor should not count against these limits.

For magical items, the price increase against the base item itself should never go past 8000.

You might find it hard to stay within these ranges, but applying some negative properties should make it fairly easy - and likely create some much more interesting items. Please don't use the purely price reducing property to reduce price to be within range, however. That breaks the entire balance. In same regard, when designing drawbacks, make some that matter. A greatsword with a wisdom or intelligence penalty would hardly impact the wielder, for example. Of course, to enhance the roleplay/story aspects of the items, you can still apply these penalties, but don't use them to balance out the end price - e.g., don't count them when determining if the item is within the price limits.


Weapons should generally apply to the same standards, but with a modifier applied. This is because individual weapons need to be balanced toward each other still, and NWN doesn't automatically consider that when determining price. As an example, a bastard should still have the same relative advantage over a long sword, to keep the exotic feat worth it - and sacrificing wearing a shield by using a two handed weapon should provide some relative advantage as well. Thus, to calculate the price range of a melee weapon, use the maximum noncritical damage of the weapon, divided by 8 and apply as modifier. As an example, a greatsword with a maximum damage of 12 would have the modifier of 12/8 = 1,5 meaning a greatsword could go up to 8000*1,5 = 12.000 gp value increase and a scimitar with maximum damage of 6 would have a modifier of 6/8 = 0,75 meaning a scimitar could go up to 8000*0,75 = 6.000 gp value increase.

Item properties you should generally avoid:

Ability Modifier - Starting to bring in ability modifiers is opening the gates to a mayhem of imbalances, exploits etc. An example workaround could be that instead of giving a +1 to charisma to represent aesthetic value, you can give a +1 influence/perform.

Immunity: Ability Drain - This property has the problem that it not only makes the wearer immune to attack-induced ability drains, but also all other forms, including those applied by our systems, like subracial modifiers, making it a major factor of imbalance.

* use/day - In most terms of NWN, a day only represents the time between resting, thus items that have uses per day are quickly becoming much more frequently used. Since these items never run dry, we could end up with individuals carrying such items for every needed situation, effectively making them more powerful than a spellcaster and incredibly hard to toy with as a DM.

Overly restrictive usability - Items that are only usable by one or a few classes or one specific alignment has a very narrow usergroup. This isn't ideal since it greatly reduce the potential diversity other classes experience. Therefore, try to limit the usage of these restrictions.

NWN Engine Quirks The NWN has some quirks that differentiate it from PnP D&D, and it also uses 3.0 D&D, not 3.5, and many of those aspects are hardcoded and cannot be changed.

 :arrow: Attack Bonuses are more powerful in NWN because they bypass Damage Reduction (remember also, NWN uses 3.0 D&D DR, which is very different from 3.5's DR). Be careful about giving an item too many attack bonuses, such items are more powerful than they appear to be.

 :arrow: On-Hit: Cast Spell effects can cause performance issues. Most spells were designed under the assumption that a character could cast at most two spells in a round. When it is triggered on-hit, however, a spell can be cast much more often, potentially twelve times per round. Injudicious use of this item property can cause the game to lag. Also, no matter how many On Hit: Cast Spell properties you give an item, only one will ever be used, the highest gp-cost one.

 :arrow: On Monster Hit abilities only work on creature items

 :arrow: Armor and Shields can have On Hit effects as well as weapons, triggering when the owner is hit instead of when the owner hits something with a weapon.

 :arrow: Missile-launching weapons such as bows, crossbows and slings do not benefit from damage bonuses and do not trigger On Hit effects, as you do not actually hit with that weapon. These must be applied to the ammunition instead.

Custom Content Quirks: We have used haks to open up previously unavailable item properties. Some of them work, some of them do not. Also, as we have made some changes to spell, On Hit: Cast Spell effects may not work as intended.

 :arrow: The following item properties do not work: Boomerang, Dancing, Vorpal (use On Hit: Vorpal instead), Wounding (use On Hit: Wounding instead)

 :arrow: The knock spell has been altered on this server to give a large bonus to the Open Lock skill instead of instantly unlocking something. As such, you should avoid the On Hit: Knock item property.

 :arrow: Item Cost Parameter works, but should not be used. It is used in a few exceptions for mundane weapons that lack abilities they should have but don't due to hardcoded engine limitations (for example, nunchaku and sais should be able to be used with the Flurry of Blows feat, but since the engine won't allow it, the weapons were given a +1 Parry bonus to compensate). These exceptions are only handled by the Dev team and will not be considered or allowed on items suggested here.

 :arrow: Not all feats listed under "Bonus Feat" will work when added to an item, particularly if it is a feat that requires levels of a particular class (e.g. Barbarian Rage).

 :arrow: We have a custom poison system on PotM. To use it, select a poison type from the Poison property. Each poison has its own cost attached.

Certain materials have different properties when armor and/or weapons are made from them. These will count towards the item's cost. You will have to add them manually.

 :arrow: Stone: Attack and Damage Penalty -2, Weight Increase 5 lbs.
 :arrow: Bone: Attack and Damage Penalty -2, Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight
 :arrow: Obsidian: Attack and Damage Penalty -1, Base Item Weight Reduction 80% of weight
 :arrow: Bronze: Attack and Damage Penalty -1
 :arrow: Copper: Attack Bonus vs. Racial Group Fey +2, Base Item Weight Reduction 80% of weight, Decreased Damage -1
 :arrow: Iron, Steel: no changes
 :arrow: Cold Iron: Attack Bonus vs. Racial Group Outsiders +1
 :arrow: Silver: Attack Bonus vs. Racial Group Shapechangers +1
 :arrow: Mithral: Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight
 :arrow: Adamantine: Enhancement +1 (light or medium weapons) or +2 (heavy weapons)
 :arrow: Alchemical Silver: as Silver, above

Wooden Weaponry: Only certain weapons can effectively be made of wood. The club, quarterstaff, sap, and all bows and crossbows can be made from wood without suffering a penalty. Any bludgeoning weapon can also be constructed of wood, but those not noted above suffer a -3 penalty on attacks and damage. Weapons that deal piercing or slashing damage cannot be made of wood.

 :arrow: Darkwood: weapons that can normally be made of wood without penalty gain Attack Bonus +1 and Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight when made of darkwood. There is no bonus gained for weapons not normally made of wood.

Armor and Shields:

 :arrow: Bone: maximum AC of 3
 :arrow: Wood: maximum AC of 3 for armor, no change for shields
 :arrow: Coral: maximum AC of 6
 :arrow: Shell: maximum AC of 3
 :arrow: Bronzewood: same AC as metal but gains Base Item Weight Reduction 80% of weight
 :arrow: Chitin: same AC as metal but weight is doubled
 :arrow: Bronze: AC is always -1 that of steel armor
 :arrow: Mithral: Arcane Spell Failure -05%, Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight
 :arrow: Adamantine: AC +1, Damage Reduction +1/Soak 5, Weight Increase x2
 :arrow: Darkwood: Base Item Weight Reduction 40% of weight (shields only)


-Item name
-Item type
-Description of the item
-Appearance (for weapons: list the part number and color for the top, medium, and bottom. For armor, list the appearance number for each armor part and approx. color, for "miscellaneous" items, take a screenshot of the icon used and post it)
-Cost Value according to the toolset

For example:
Item Name: EO's Hammer of Greatness
Item Type: Warhammer
Description:The original version of this hammer was forged in the depths of Toril by an angry dwarf who wished to create the most awesome hammer. Over time, many weaker replicas were made and some found their way into Ravenloft.
Statistics: +1 Enhancement Bonus, +1AC, +1/5- Damage Reduction

You should build the item in the toolset to get the right costs and appearance #s. DO NOT SUBMIT THE ITEM TO US. This is merely so you can get the appropriate costs. To do this, create a new module, then edit the module properties. Go to "Custom Content" and make sure the following haks are listed in this order, from top to bottom:


Under "custom TLK file", make sure it says "ravenloft 2_30"

Then compile/rebuild the module and save it. You should be able to make your own items at this point. In our module, negative effects lower the cost of an item. So giving an item an ability score penalty (ex: -2 WIS), will lower the cost of the item, as will damage vulnerability, etc.

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 12:25:06 PM »
Item Name: Cameo of Glamour

Item Type: Amulet

Description: Many tales have been whispered of the Great Moor of Mordent, but perhaps one of the most intriguing is that of the Crooked Coven. It is said that years ago, a coven of ancient witches once plied their dark wills amongst the gnarled trees and misty bogs of the Moor, preying on lost travelers for use in their nefarious rituals. While most of the residents of the scattered villages of Mordent knew very well to avoid such places, an occasional roaming adventure would seek to brave the bogs, determined to put an end to the dark tales. More often than not, they would fail to return.

However, as legend goes, a wandering Warden of the Fourth Sect of Ezra finally put an end to the witches dominance over the bogs. In a battle of faith against magic, faith proved stronger, and the entire coven was said to have been cut down by righteous steel.

In the years since, treasure hunters and otherwise have sought to recover baubles and items from the old lair of the Crooked Coven. These cameos, tied together with a strip of cured leather, are such. It may be believed that these peculiar necklaces possess the ability to charm and deceive, which may explain how the witches were able to claim so many victims, over the years. Beauty unnatural, usually comes with a price, however...

Cast Spell : Charm Person (10) [5 Charges/Uses] 50 charges
Skill Bonus: Perform [+2]
Decreased Skill Modifier : Spot [-2]
Material [Bone]
Material [Leather]
Material [Wood, Hemlock]

Appearance: itt_neck_088

Total Item Cost: 251

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2016, 02:14:43 PM »
Item Name: Lightless Halberd

Item Type: Halberd

Description: In the year 770BC, a battle took place in the Lightless Wood of Mordent, south of Blackburn's Crossing. With shot and pike, arrow and sword, the combined forces of a Mordentish army and the Company of the Fox of the Republic of Dementlieu were able to turn back the Valachani horde, but at great cost. The bloody battle lasted over two days, and during the desperation, many tales emerged. One in particular, is of how the Fox Company halberdiers stood firm against countless charges against Valachani swordsmen, and, if rumors are to be believed, shapeshifting giant cats or panthers that emerged from the fog with suddenness and stealth, striking at the stalwart soldiers with great brutality.

Amidst the shifting fogs and the heavy rains that plagued the muddied woods, dozens of simple halberds were lost in the muck and mire, most unrecovered and abandoned. Over time, it seems, some of these weapons have absorbed the lingering energies and emotions present at the battle, both good and ill... Since then, some of these polearms have been found, claimed by various folk throughout the Core.

Damage Bonus: Negative Energy [1d4 Damage]
Enhancement Bonus vs. Racial Group: Shapechanger [+2]
Massive Criticals [2d4 Damage]
Decreased AC : AC Dodge Modifier [-1]
Decreased Skill Modifier: Parry [-5]
Decreased Skill Modifier: Tumble [-5]
Material [Steel]
Material [Wood, Hickory]

Top: 3/4
Middle: 23/7
Bottom: 23/1

Total Item Cost: 1390

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2016, 04:47:13 PM »
Item Name: Waraji of the Lost Hero

Item Type: Boots

Outlanders know well of the dangers of the Mists, claimed as they were from their homelands by such. There is a tale from long ago of one such Outlander; a Hero who sought desperately to return to his home, and face a great evil there. Long did he travel about the Core and the Mists, searching with determination for a way to return. None are quite sure if he ever found the portal which he sought...

Over the course of his travels, he often found himself traversing treacherous terrain. Luckily, he was skilled at maintaining his equipment, and was able to fashion new sandals, or Waraji as he called them, from grass, reed, or other plant material with great dexterity, and some small help from minor magical scrolls. Sometimes it is said, the Lost Hero would discard his current sandals in favor of crafting new ones from stronger materials he found... a stronger type of vine, or a thicker piece of bark. His old ones were left alongside remote mountain trails, or deep forest paths. Such discarded sandals maintain some of their previous mastery of craftsmanship, and are exceedingly comfortable to wear for long journeys, giving one the endurance to keep moving, but the crunch of dried grass can give away one's position.

Cast Spell : Bear's Endurance (3) [5 Charges/Use] 25 charges
Decreased Skill Modifier : Move Silently [-4]
Material [Cord]
Material [Bark]

Top: 5/4
Middle: 1/3
Bottom: 1/9

Total Item Cost: 564

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2016, 05:59:23 PM »
Item Name: Dementlieuse Boarding Axe

Item Type: Battleaxe

During boarding operations, sailors of Dementlieuse privateer ships often find use for these large boarding axes. They are heavy, brute, and ugly weapons, favoring those with strong arms and a desire to draw up close in combat, and a disregard to defense of their own. With such a heavy iron head, these axes can even batter through the strong oak hatches and deck doors of enemy vessels, breaking down defenses with ease. One could imagine that any similar stout materials can be battered down and splint asunder by these frightening, heavy axes.

Enhancement Bonus vs. Racial Group : Constructs [+1]
Extra Melee Damage Type : Bludgeoning
Massive Criticals: [1d6 Damage]
Decreased AC : AC Deflection Modifier [-1]
Decreased Skill Modifier : Discipline [-2]

Weight Increase [Amount: 10 lbs.]
Material [Iron]
Material [Wood, Teak]

Top: 15/1
Middle: 15/3
Bottom: 13/2

Total Item Cost: 1584

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #5 on: October 04, 2016, 04:49:15 AM »
Item Name: Ring Of Oath's

Item Type: Ring


Common to many knighthoods or clergies are the giving of oath's.. In a distant land long forgotten, their King had a few rings made for his most elite and loyal of knights and clerics, the ring gave great boons of power to the loyal followers, however served as a reminder to what they stood to lose for breaking their oaths, as the rings can only be worn by those who have given oaths to one being or another and continue to uphold them.. To break those oaths would be to find the ring burns to touch, and those of natures that are not lawful would find the ring slips off their hand every time they try to put it on. The ring is a simple gold band, with a small circular symbol of the sun and moon eclipsing, the symbol of that kingdom long forgotten.. These rings though few in number are surely precious, desired by many believing their oaths are infallible.


Discipline: +2
Bonus Spellslot's Cleric: 1, 2
Bonus Spellslot's Paladin: 1
OUB: Lawful

Appearance: iit_ring_029

Total Item Cost: 3466

Item Name: Knight Commander's Cloak

Item Type: Cloak

Description: There have been many great commander's in the history of many world's, and one of the greatest was said to have once worn a blue and white cloak just like this.. It's wearer's name has long been forgotten, only the title of "Knight Commander" remaining in the vaguest of legends, and his cloak was said to instill within him an uncanny discipline and concentration so as to be able to lead his men onward to many victories often taking the fore and crushing the foes that came before him.. This is certainly just a replica as it's powers are nowhere near as great as his legendary cloak, but it's powers are still formidable and not to be dismissed.


15 Charges

Discipline +1
Concentration +1
OUB: Lawful
Cast Spell: Battletide (9) 5 Charges Per Use
AC Bonus (Deflection) Vs Chaotic +2

Appearance: Torm Cloak, blue cloth in both cloth sections, white leather for the two leather slots, silver for both metal slots

Cost: 10417

Currently Playing: Maloryn X'angondur

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2016, 06:30:40 PM »
Item Name: Vos Boyarsky Bear Spear

Item Type: Spear

These long, sturdy spears are used by bands of elite Vos warriors, or Boyarsky, when hunting dangerous large game, such as bears. At nearly 8ft long, they feature heavy shafts of ash, and reinforced bay-leaf shaped iron heads. A stout crosspiece near the end of the blade offers protection, stopping attacking beasts or animals from plunging further down the shaft, where they could maul a hunter, even when impaled.

Large as they are, such weapons would prove unwieldy against smaller opponents, limiting one's ability to move about during combat, as they are designed to often be used in a stationary manner, braced against the ground to absorb a charging beast's impact.

Enhancement Bonus vs. Racial Group : Animal [+1]
Enhancement Bonus vs. Racial Group : Beast [+1]
Decreased Skill Modifier : Tumble [-3]
Material [Iron]
Material [Wood, Ash]

Top: 6/4
Middle: 6/1
Bottom: 9/4

Total Item Cost:

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #7 on: October 04, 2016, 10:15:50 PM »
Item Name: Ring of Agony

Item Type: Ring

Pain can be a great motivator. Few know this better than Falkovnian soldiers. Lambrecht von Lekar, a wizard in service to the Ministry of Intelligence, put forth the motion to create several of these rings from the jagged carapace of a species of tough and lethal giant spider that dwells deep in the Dunkelhertzwald Forest.

Lambrecht's experimentations with enchanting produced rings that can not be worn without causing great pain to the wearer, the natural spikes of the spider's carapace digging wickedly into the skin. This agonizing pain however, allows one to focus almost solely on such, forgoing distractions, even the chaotic sounds of battle, or piercing war horns and shouts. So encompassed by this cruel pain, Falkovnian soldiers that wear them find themselves more focused to their battle orders, following them with intense will. The pain though, clearly makes some tasks extremely difficult, namely, anything that requires a steady hand.

Sometimes, Falkovnian Talon soldiers will wear these aptly named "Rings of Agony" outside of combat, as a show of devotion and strength, and occasionally, such rings have found their ways into the hands of adventures looking to enhance their tolerances. 

Damage Resistance : Sonic [Resist 5 / - ]
Increased Saving Throw Bonus : Specific Will [+1]
Skill Bonus : Antagonize [+3]
Decreased Saving Throws : Specific : Fortitude [-2]
Decreased Skill Modifier : Disable Trap [-5]
Decreased Skill Modifier : Open Lock [-5]
Material [Chitin]


Total Item Cost:

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #8 on: November 28, 2016, 01:39:49 AM »
Item Name: Cape of the Matador

Item Type: Cloak

Description: Passed down from dualist to entertainer and back again, these capes have served as a meager means of protection for a varity of fighting spectacles. A flick of the wrist and a trick of the eye, wearers of these capes are reknowned for their ability to dance and dodge their way around oppents- Though should their foes aim be true, it will surely mean their end.

The cape itself is crimson red and flows freely around its wearer. Closer inspection reveals several small punctures with dark brown stains surrounding them- perhaps revealing its previous owners demise.

+2 Parry
+2 Antagonize
+2 Deflection AC

-4 Concentration
25% Damage Vulnerability: Piercing

Cost: 7411
*updated with cost and changes*
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #9 on: December 02, 2016, 11:47:03 AM »
Item Name:  Ceinture du Révolutionnaire

Item Type: Belt

Description:  The Dementlieuse Revolution of 770 BC saw a burst of patriotic fervor, some of which was true, and some of which simply for appearances. While more somber colors were en vogue after the events of the Revolution and Falkovnian War, before the Revolution, and indeed during, it was more commonplace to see loud splashes of color on the Dementlieuse of Port-a-Lucine.

Some Revolutionaries favored wearing bright red ceintures (or in Common, sashes) such as these, declaring their patriotism boldly. Usually looted from silk of the aristocracy, most are rather tarnished now, with holes or cuts. Those that witnessed the events of the Revolution, and the actions of mob justice and the guillotine, find such things hard to forget. Some of these sashes, a few of which are still seen, are stained heavily with blood, clearly having been through the worst of those grim times. They are a potent symbol of the blood that Port-a-Lucine so often thirsts for.

Skill Bonus : Antagonize [+5]
Decreased Skill Modifier : Influence [-5]
Material [Silk]


Total Item Cost:

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #10 on: December 25, 2016, 03:35:25 AM »
A few weapon idea's I stirred up in my brain today while just hanging around

Item Name: The Golden Sword

Item Type: Longsword

Description: This weapons origins come from the world Of Toril

This beautifully made sword is wrought entirely of solid gold, with a golden gaurd embossed with a single ruby at it's pommel, with a handle of gold wrapped in fine almost silk-like leather. The bottom of the handle ornate with a beautifully carved orb of gold, depicting a rearing lion. All along the blade is engraved runes in dwarvish, a prayer to the greed father Abbathor, that follows as such "They who covet gold in both their heart, and wield it as their weapon shall know Abbathor's favor" Resting at the bottom of the blade on the front the word in common "Greed".. The runes are obviously imbued with divine power as well, for when one speaks the word "Greed" they find that the blade strikes with magical divine might. The blade itself is not as sharp as a common blade, dealing less of a deep cut, however the enchantment does seem to make the blade strike truer as well.


Damage penalty: -1 damage
Attack Bonus: +1
Cast Spell: Divine Favor (5) 5 Charges per use. //Not entirely sure if a higher level version of the divine favor can be added, as it can't through my toolset but if it's doable it would be great to have it at 6 for a +2 bonus//
Charges: 25
Material: Gold

Total Cost: 1784

Item Name: Neuri's Claw

Item Type: Bastard Sword

Description: Many wretched weapons have come of Neuri cultists, and this is yet another.. Forged insidiously by blackened iron being doused in blood collected from a Neuri on it's first full moon and enchanted through dark rituals on the very same night, this horrid bastard sword is slightly curved to resemble a claw at the very top, and all along it's blade are engravings of howling Neuri and moon's in their full glory. The gaurd is curved inward to resemble yet again claws reaching for the wielding hand, and at the center it's pommel is that of a sunstones that in the process of it's creating ritual has turned a nearly utterly white color resembling the moon after it's corruption. The handle is wrapped in tanned and treated human flesh, and at it's bottom is a massive fang removed from only the largest of dire wolves. Luckily, such weapons are more often than not destroyed upon discovery, and only the most foul would ever consider wielding such a feral and savage weapon.


Attack bonus: +1
Attack Bonus Vs Good: +2
Damage Bonus Vs Good: 1d4 Slashing
OUB: Evil
Material: Iron
Gem: Sunstone (If possible to be added)

Item Cost: 5094

Item Name: Blade Of The Blood Moon

Item Type: Greatsword

Description: This hauntingly beautiful, and massive blade is forged of an unknown black metal, it becomes apparent quickly that it is a flamberge, as it would not only a strong arm to wield, but the blade itself stands rather tall. It is beautiful in that it is obviously forged of a masterful hand, and yet it possesses little to no ornamentation, being rather simple in appearance, a black blade, black wide pommel and black gaurd, and a longer than normal handle wrapped in black leather- Yet at the bottom of the hilt, is a rather beautiful moonstone that has turned a blood red color, it is a small orb in size, but large enough to match the size of the blade. The origins of the blade are not well known but a learned sage could perhaps tell that it is believed a coven of witches on a blood moon had taken a simple iron flamberge and weaved many hours of magic into it over the course of the moon that turned the entire blade black, and yet strengthened beyond any ordinary blade, and that the moonstone was dipped in a chalice of blood of the combined witch coven with many whispered incantations that upon being fasted onto the blades hilt, imbued in it a hunger for the blood of the enemies of it's wielder, and over time of having traded many hands and been wet with the blood of many enemies has obtained the ability to call upon an unnatural frenzy and bloodlust that drives the wielder to fight savagely and viciously.. However, the amount of times this can be called upon is very limited, with each use the moonstone grows a bit more dull and upon it's last use the moonstone fractures and shatters, losing the ability forever, and sadly- or luckily to some, no amount of sating the bloodlust of the blade can charge the moonstone further after it's first use.


Charges: 50
Cast Spell: Blood Frenzy (7) 5 Charges per use
Enhancement Bonus: +1
Regeneration: Vampiric: +1
Material: Unknown
Gem: Moonstone (If possible to be added)
OUB: Evil (Optional)
(Also if it can be added, additional weight to represent it's larger size, I couldn't add it with my toolset, not -too- much but it is a rather big blade, still able to be wielded, but heavier)

Total Cost: 7794

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2016, 11:57:44 AM »
-Item name
Leather Patch (Suggested Animal - Lion, or maybe some other animal)
-Item type
-Description of the item
This is the patch of a cured Lion hide.
+1 reflex when made into armor.

Its great that gargoyle hide can add +1 to fort, I think it would be nice if there was a patch available that added 1 to reflex.

Please refer to the rules for posting in this thread. It is only for regular items that would drop as loot in game. It is not for additions to the crafting system. There is another thread for that. Thanks.
Best Regards!

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #12 on: January 09, 2017, 08:09:01 AM »
Item Name: Deaths Icy Touch

Item Type: Ring

Appearance: iit_ring_176

Description: The ring boasts little to truly look at with its simple silver band and a gem of a clear blue like hue that resembles ice. What it lacks for in appearance it makes up for in the power it conceals. Nicknamed "deaths icy touch" due to its wearer taking on a chilling touch that seems to steal heat from what or whoever the hands fall upon, draws up images of deaths hand being placed upon you. However there is little actual foulness to the ring, the cold touch of the wearer simply a side effect of the rings ability to consume heat, causing it to slowly die till it turns a muddy brown. A sign it has lost its power.

While the effects of simply wearing the ring can take a significant time to fully drain the ring. Its power can be harvested to more drastically deplete the stored coldness with in it should the need arise. When the need does arise, the owner need only focus the ring on releasing its power and hurling it away from them self. And watch as the ring strikes the ground and causes dozens of deadly ice flowers burst from the ground to harm what ever stands upon them, in a bloody if not beautiful display.

Statistics: Cast spell (Ice Flowers): 1 Use, Fire Resistance (5 / -), Damage Vulnerability : Cold 25%

Cost: 3158

Edited: Fixed a few things, i typed such up on very little sleep XD
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #13 on: January 16, 2017, 12:58:15 AM »
(( Having seen a somewhat lack in proper druid gear, I'll be posting a few in the coming days. Hope they're up to snuff! ))

Item Name: Bullthorn's Vine

Item Type: Ring

Description: The Elder Treant Bullthorn occasionally uses broken parts of himself to craft items for worthy druids who seek him out in the Vale of Shadows. This particular piece is an eternally strong & sturdy vine, pieces of thorned bark still stuck to its exterior, tied together in a ring-like shape. Those who wield it feel a greater connection to the Woods....But this power comes at a price: the wielder will partly share the Wood's Weaknesses as well...
Statistics: Bonus Spell Slot Druid [Level 3], Bonus Spell Slot Druid [Level 4], Damage Vulnerability Fire [10%], Damage Vulnerability Slashing [10%], Class restriction [Druid]

Item Cost : 5193


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #14 on: January 16, 2017, 01:28:30 AM »
Item Name: Bullthorn's Hands

Item Type: Gauntlets

Description: The Elder Treant Bullthorn occasionally uses broken parts of himself to craft items for worthy druids who seek him out in the Vale of Shadows. These gloves were once the trusty appendages of the mighty wooden titan. Tiny spikes litter the woodlike surface, the tips eternally oozing a remnant of the treant's poisonous defenses. While powerful and well-crafted, they are a bit unwieldy for humanoid hands...Not to mention made of magicked wood!
Statistics: Damage Bonus Acid [1d6], Damage Bonus Piercing [2], Extra Melee Damage Type [Piercing], Decreased Attack Modifier [-1], Damage Vulnerability Fire [5%]

Item Cost : 5962
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2017, 10:23:23 PM »
Item Name: Blade's Bane

Item Type: Medium Armor

Description: This set of interlinked wooden scales was made out by an enraged forest spirit, after a deadly misunderstanding between a lumberjack and a dryad. Legends say the dryad's spirit remains within the wood, fighting off any axe or blade that may try to damage it further....

Armor Class : 4

Statistics:  AC Bonus [+1], AC Bonus Versus Slashing [+2], Damage Resistance Slashing [2], Base Item Weight Reduction [60% of Weight], Damage Vulnerability Fire [10%]

Item Cost : 5348


Neck : 013
Torso : 122
Belt : 031
Pelvis : 003

Right Shoulder : 007
Left Shoulder : 013
Right & Left Bicep : 004
Right & Left Forearm : 004
Right & Left Hand : 004

Thighs : 001
Shins : 008
Feet : 006

Robe : 000

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #16 on: January 17, 2017, 06:31:52 PM »
Item Name: Amulet of Shifting Faces

Item Type: Necklace

Appearance: iit_neck_089

Description: These necklaces are shrouded in mystery, few if any know who make such things. The power of the necklace can be immensely useful in taking on the benefits of other creatures. But its power does not come without cost, simply wearing the necklace leaves ones mind exceedingly vulnerable to the will of others. Because the amulet allows one to quickly assume the form of others and shift back and forth at will. It also leaves ones true form susceptible to illness. The cost of the amulets power is often the downfall of the beholder. In a way, the amulets are almost cursed in that regard, since such amulets are found more often then not on whats left of its previous owner.

Statistics: Cast Spell: Polymorph 5 Charges/Use, Decreased Saving Throws -5 Disease, -5 Will, -5 Mind Affecting

Cost: 4251


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2017, 11:54:56 AM »
Item Name: Rotfang

Item Type: Dagger

Description: This odious dagger was once wielded by an assassin called Deathwalker, both for his prowess and for smell of decay following him around. The cause of such was his preferred dagger of choice, Rotfang.

Made from the fang of an unnamed plague spirit, rumored to be Deathwalker's father. While the cursed blade's bite is potent indeed, the stench rising up from the serrated piece makes any attempt at stealth difficult.

Deathwalker vanished without a trace, years ago, after entering Barovia. His blade lost to the mists, but several lesser copies have appeared since then. Some consider them to be status symbols, showing that they can remain undetected, even with Rotfang. Other consider them a living testament to the folly of carrying such weaponry, a relic of stupidity.

Statistics:  Enhancement Bonus [+1], Damage Bonus Acid [1d4], Skill Bonus Antagonize [+1], Visual Effect [Acid], Decreased Skill Hide [-4], Decreased Skill Move Silently [-4], Decreased Skill Influence [-2], Material [Iron]

Item Cost : 2722


Top : 6 [Color 4]
Middle : 6 [Color 4]
Bottom : 2 [Color 2]

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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #18 on: January 31, 2017, 12:24:26 PM »
Hope you don't mind, but got a fair few here to suggest for the CEP items, to try and bring them up to the level of some of the lootables.  Add some variety as it were!

Item Types - Heavy Maces

Bone of the Saint
Description -  This well made heavy mace has a grip of red leather, and is gilded in gold leaf.  The more exotic part of its construction is found in the centre of the flanged head of the mace - a shard of bone, set into the heart of the construction.
Legend has it that this piece of bone is harvested from a saint of the Morninglord faith.  Precisely 'which' saint it is varies considerably, and there is a great deal of contention over the accuracy of such a statement.  However, there is indeed an aura of compassion and goodness about the weapon, that nevertheless strikes with righteous fury upon the living dead, while offering blessings of healing to the injured - at least, until said blessings are used up entirely, at which point the bone crumbles to powder and is gone.
Appearance -    Top - 14  Colour  - 4
      Middle 14  Colour - 3
      Bottom - 14  Colour - 1
Stats- Cast spell - Cure light wounds (2) 1 charge per use, 12 charges
Damage bonus vs Racial type - Undead, 1d4 Divine damage
Light - 5m, Dim, white
Skill bonus - +2 concentration
Use Limitation - Alignment group:  Good
Material - Bone, Steel
Quality  - Very good.
Cost - 2456

Oppressors Sceptre
Description:  Blackened and cold to the touch, this heavy mace is less of a weapon, and more of a badge of office - but it is very, very useful as a weapon nevertheless.
Borne by priests of the Lawgiver, these heavy, weighted sceptres both remind the subservient of their position, as well as make clear their place in the world.  Swung with brutal force, these dreadful weapons reiterate the natural order of things - that might is the right of law, and those that defy it, shall be undone.  So sayeth the Lawgiver.
Appearance -    Top - 11  Colour - 1
      Middle - 11  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 12  Colour - 4
Stats - Damage bonus vs Alignment Group:  Chaos - 1D6 Bludgeoning
Decreased skill modifer - Influence, -3
Skill bonus - Antagonise, +2
Massive Criticals - 1d4 damage
Use Limitation - Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil
Material - Darksteel
Quality - Very Good
Cost - 2426

This dwarven heavy mace is a heavy, ugly, nasty weapon with specially designed flanges across the head.  The mace is traditionally used to first take out an opponents knees to get them to the right height, then brought with force to the top of the opponents skull.  The distinctive 'crack' the weapon makes then gives its name, as the heavy, leaded core of the weapon gives it a nasty impact.  Though the lead should unbalance the mace, it is nevertheless dwarven built - and as such it is well made and surprisingly wieldy in the hand.  This does not, however, stop it landing with tremendous force when applied correctly.
Appearance -    Top- 13 Colour -4
      Middle - 14  Colour - 1
      Bottom - 13 Colour - 4
Stats - +1 AB
Massive criticals  - 1D8
Material - lead, iron
Quality - Good
Cost - 2928

Heart of Embers
This heavy mace is strange, in that at its heart it bears a great red gem, strangely carved.  Fire blazes from it, wrapping around the mace, and powering its blows and protecting the wielder as well.  The most disconcerting thing about the weapon however, is the fact that the great red gem at the core of it almost beats, like a heart, patient and slow.  Oddly enough it seems to quicken when one is faced with a choice that might have dire consequences for the wielder, and this pulse suddenly becomes very distracting, leading the wielders to sometimes make decisions that they would come to later regret, sometimes bitterly, sometimes forever, and sometimes not for very long at all - for whatever reason as may be.
Appearance -    Top - 14  Colour - 3
      Middle - 14  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 14  Colour - 3
Stats - Damage Bonus, Fire 1D4
Damage Resistance - Fire, 5/-
Visual Effect - Flaming
Decreased Saves - Will -3
Light - Low, Orange
Quality - Excellent
Material - Steel, Elemental - Fire.
Cost - 5954

Item Type - Falchions

Headtaker's Promise
Heavy, brutal and ugly, this massive two handed sword has etched in the blade itself, the Hara'kir word for 'Promise'.  Rumour has it that the weapons are used by slavers during particularly brutal periods in history of the region to quell unruly slaves - or, far more savagely, to 'encourage' the majority of them by culling the weakest, to work harder.  The 'promise' was as brutal as the weapon itself, and with continued use they became more and more inclined to be used by the who wielded them.  These weapons are steeped in blood and misery, as uncaring as the desert sands from whence they come.
Appearance -    Top- 4  Colour - 2
      Middle - 5  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 5  Colour - 1
Stats - Decreased ability - Charisma  -2
Decreased saving throws - Mind affecting, Negative energy, -2
Massive crits - 1d8
Damage Bonus - Slashing - 1d6
Attack and Damage Penalty - -1
Material - Bronze
Quality - Very Good
Cost - 2758

Item Type - Razor

Jack's Toy
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack's gonna put your head on a stick
Looking to dance, looking to play
Looking to take your eyes away
Ezra won't come, won't save your soul
He'll cut, and slice
Chop, and dice
And eat.  You.  Whole.
-The Rippers Rhyme.

Appearance -    Top - 1   Colour - 4
      Middle - 1  Colour - 3
      Bottom - 1  Colour - 1
Stats - Decreased AC, -5
Decreased Saves, Universal, -2
Massive crits 1d8
Bonus slashing 1d6
Quality - Excellent
Material - Steel, Bone
Cost - 15678

Item Type- Heavy Picks

Gamla Agg
Gamla Agg translates into 'Old Grudge' and it was for this reason perhaps that these brutal heavy picks were made.  An ugly, nasty weapon, Gamla Agg thrums with discontent and annoyance, sitting in the hand like a surly weight.  It is said that at the sight of a golem the wielder curses, and at the sight of an elf, the wielder will alway spit.  But that might be just because its an elf, and dwarves tend to be like that at the best of times.
Appearance -    Top - 3  Colour - 4
      Middle - 1  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 4  Colour -4
Stats- +1 AB
1D6 Bludgeoning vs Constructs
1D6 Piercing vs Fey
Quality - Excellent
Material - Steel
Cost - 3500

Knä Kross
The Knä Kross, which translates as 'Knee Crusher' in the dwarven tongue, is a heavy pick with a specially designed head.  Made for dwarven rangers and prospectors on mountain tops, it is gifted only to the best explorers determined to travel the furtherest heights.  With one part of the weapon designed for fossicking, the other is designed to take on the foes of the mountain - specifically, giants.  Knowing that no giant is as effective on its back, this pick lives up to its name by being specially designed against such foes, crippling them and putting them down hard.  Sadly, against other foes it is considerably less effective, but is nevertheless fearsome.
Appearance -    Top - 1  Colour - 1
      Middle - 2  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 2  Colour - 4
Stats - Enhancement vs Giants - +2
Damage bonus vs Giants - 1D8 Bludgeoning
Quality - Excellent
Material - Steel
Cost - 3128

Wrought of copper and iron, this heavy pick is warm to the touch, the metal haft feeling strangely comforting in the grip of the hand, a glowing light emanating from it.  Built by a smith who believed that heat would improve the efficiency of mining by hand, this nevertheless is a fearsomely effective weapon in the right hands, and indeed is of great comfort to the right sort of person, in the depths of the cold, dark earth.
Appearance -    Top - 2  Colour - 3
      Middle - 2  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 2  Colour - 4
Stats - AB +1
Damage bonus - Fire, 1d4
Light - 5m Red
Material - Copper
Matterial - Iron
Quality - Excellent
Cost - 4336

Item Type- Katar

Dabaee Kobara
The Dabaee Kobara, or 'Coiled Cobra' are curve blade katar specifically designed to driven into the foe in the back, leaping out at the enemy from concealment.  A weapon from Sri Raji, they have a dark reputation and are used for dark deeds - the malice of their intent making its way into their very construction.  Foul and murderous, these deadly blades have been the end of many a foe, particularly when used in pairs - but leave one vulnerable to the divine aspects of retribution and karma.
Appearance -    Top - 2   Colour - 4
      Middle - 2  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 2   Colour  - 4
Properties - Damage bonus -Negative - 2 damage
Massive Criticals - 1D6 damage
Decreased Skill Modifier - Pickpocket, -2
Damage Vulnerability - Divine 10%
Quality - Very Good
Material  - Darksteel
Cost - 1486

Kadave Zahar
These katar blades are designed to bring death, as are all other weapons, but the brutal truth of them is that they are more accurately designed to inflict pain.  Wrought with curses in their construction, they are made to cripple the victim as much as they are to harm them.  Living up to their name as 'Bitter Poison', these dark blades, driven home, causing lasting wounds in the flesh that are difficult to heal.  Even a scratch from them causes lasting pain and burning, so cruel is their construction.
Appearance -    Top - 3  Colour - 4
      Middle - 2  Colour - 1
      Bottom - 1  Colour - 1
Properties - Damage bonus - 2 acid, 2 Negative
Decreased Saving Throws - -2 will
Material - Darksteel
Quality - Excellent
Cost - 4422

Item Type:  Kama

"The dragon spoke, with the voice of the storm, and from his voice came thunder, from his claw came lightning, and in that flash, the foe was undone."
These weapons are of a Rokuman origin, used in martial combat to combine the power of fist and of steel, and taken further still by the energy coursing through them.  Forged of an unusual metal, little is known about their secretive origins or who it is that uses them, but on occasion they are found, and put to lethal use.
Appearance -    Top  - 1  Colour - 9
      Middle - 1  Colour - 9
      Bottom - 6  Colour - 1
Properties - +1 AB
Damage Bonus - 1d4 Electrical
Quality - Excellent
Material - Meteoric Iron
Cost - 4324

Wave of the Green Dragon
This fan, made of bladed steel and with a beautiful woven image set onto the cloth, is in fact a deadly sharp weapon of murder.  Used by assassin geisha, they have edges dipped in venomous, burning poison that eats through flesh, designed to be sliced through flesh and eat into the muscle and bone beneath.  They are, however, a weapon of finesse and the poison in them can react badly when it comes into contact with other types of acidic substances, causing more harm to the wielder should they mix together.
Appearance-    Top -2  Colour - 1
      Middle - 2  Colour - 3
      Bottom - 2  Colour - 1
Properties - Damage Bonus - 1d4 Acid
Damage vulnerability - Acid 10%
Poison - Small Spider Venom.
Quality - Excellent
Material - Steel, Cloth
Cost - 5806

Item Type - Quarterstaff

Cripples Blessing
This weathered, well worn staff nevertheless has the fresh scent of the forest to it, fresh hewn sap despite being carefully laquered.  The staff of an Ilmatari monk or pilgrim, this item is for use by one who is to undertake a great, long journey.  A humble item, it nevertheless imbues the one who wields it with a touch of that grace - and also weakens them somewhat, in body but not in heart.  Through this is one taught not only the grace of Ilmater's blessing, but the reminder that all must also endure.  Though this is an outlander item, nevertheless they have found their way to the land of the Mists.
Appearance-    Top - 23  Colour - 4
      Middle - 23  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 23  Colour - 4
Properties - +1 AB
Damage Bonus - 1d4 Divine
Cast spell - cure light wounds (2), 1 charge use, 12 charges
Decreased saving through - Fortitude -2
Quality - Above Average
Material, Wood, Pine.
Cost - 5740

The Taming Hand
Wrought of heavy, darkened iron, this heavy quarterstaff requires an expert hand.  As much a weapon of taming for the wielders excesses as the target, this heavy metal quarterstaff demands singular, heavy strikes and counter strikes with little embellishment.  With the weight involved in each strike, and the sheer volume of force, the effect on the target is a shock to them to say the least.
Appearance -    Top - 2  Colour - 4
      Middle - 2  Colour - 4
      Bottom - 2  Colour - 4
Properties - On Hit- Stun.  DC 16, 10%, 4 Rounds
Material - Admantine
Quality - Masterwork
Cost - 4502

Item Type- Maul

Odium Mortis
"Render Death Unto Death."
This mighty, two handed hammer is heavy, unwieldy, and yet despite it nevertheless thrums with potent force when wielded against the living dead.  Fire and shocking concussions of force from its blows can fling the walking corpses struck by such blows across a room.
The origin of this hammer is not known, but its potent ability in striking down the dead would lend credence to the idea it is a relic of the faith of Belenus.  Strangely enough, it has little to mark it as such, save for the fierceness it affects the undead.
Appearance -    Top - 15  Colour - 3
      Middle - 14  Colour - 3
      Bottom - 13  Colour - 1
Properties - Attack Bonus vs Undead +1
Damage bonus vs Undead - +1d4 Fire, +1d4 Bludgeoning
Improved saving throws - +1 vs death, +1 vs negative energy
Material - Steel, Cloth
Quality - Excellent
Cost - 2457

Item Type - Light Picks

This light, small pick is largely ceremonial in its appearance - wrought of precious gold, and set with a brilliant blue sapphire, it is not however used as its name dictates.  The bladed spike is cold to the touch and can turn water to ice over time.  The coldness of the weapon seems to come from the gem itself - and as the stone does hold a faint, chilly glow to it. 
Appearance -     Top - 4  Colour - 1
      Middle - 2  Colour - 2
      Bottom - 4  Colour - 4
Properties - +1AB
Damage Bonus - 1D4 Cold
Light - Dim, 5m, Blue
Material - Steel, Gem- Sapphire, Gold
Quality - Masterwork
Cost - 4328

This surprising implement is part tool, part weapon, and seemingly not designed entirely for combat.  Though it doubles as such extremely well, it is an object from out of Lamordia, used for the purpose of seperation of parts of the body during dissection.  Rather gruesomely, it has an electrical charge running through it that can be used to 'animate' parts of a corpse for demonstration purposes, showing the twitching of muscles and fingers as the charge is dispelled.  This electrical current has medical potency as well, and one can almost feel their heart beating stronger when one holds this implement.
Appearance    Top - 1  Colour - 4
      Middle - 4  Colour - 1
      Bottom - 4  Colour - 1
Properties - AB +1
Damage Bonus - 1D4 electrical
Saving Throw Bonus - +1 vs Death
Quality - Excellent
Material - Steel, copper.
Cost - 6062

//Edited by MAB. Most of the above coming soon in slightly modified ways.
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
« Reply #19 on: February 04, 2017, 01:06:18 PM »
Lesser Cloak of Feathers
Hooded Cloak
Bonus Spell Slot Ranger 1
Bonus Spell Slot Ranger 2
Vulnerability to Fire 25%
Use Limitation Ranger
Material Cloth

Greater Cloak of Feathers
Hooded Cloak
Bonus Spell Slot Ranger 1
Bonus Spell Slot Ranger 2
Bonus Spell Slot Ranger 3
Vulnerability to Fire 25%
Use Limitation Ranger
Material Cloth

These shuddering cloaks are crafted by guardians of sacred groves. The black feathers from which they take their name must be freely-given from wise birds like ravens and rooks. They enhance the wearer's connection to the primal magic of nature, but wise woodsmen know to keep a safe distance from the camp fire when wearing such a cloak.

Hanged Man's Boots
Top 4/2
Middle 4/3
Bottom 2/7
Bonus Feat: Evasion
Decreased Saving Throws: Death -3
Use Limitation Alignment Group Chaotic

In many places, the boots of a man condemned to hanging are claimed by the man that ties the noose.
These boots once belonged to such a man; a canny thief who's luck eventually ran out. These boots grant some of that thief's preternatural adroitness, but any who wear them is surely marked for death.

Illusionist's Cloak
25 Charges
Cast Spell: Displacement 5 Charges/Use

This elaborate, ostentatious cloak would be quite at home adorning a stage-magician or street performer.
It bears a simple enchantment; one twirl of the cloak and the wearer becomes semi-transparent. Whilst it may be impressive to gawkers in Port-a-Lucine, cunning adventurers have discovered it is equally as useful on the battlefield, to confuse their enemies.

Heart of a Star
Spell Resistance 16
Light Low Blue
Weight Increase 5lbs
Material Starmetal

This faintly-glowing lump of dense metal hangs on a simple cord. If legend is to be believed, it was hammered into shape from the still-hot heart of a fallen star. Whether though some latent enchantment, or innate property of the metal itself, barers of these charms are able to dampen magic around them.

Crone's Hand
Skill Bonus Spellcraft +5
Deceased Ability Score Charisma -2
Use Limitation Evil
Material Leather

This evil fetish is the cured claw of a hag or other potent witch. It grants the wearer some of the hag's deep knowledge of magic, though not without cost.

Eye of the Forest

Bonus Spell Slot Druid 1
Bonus Spell Slot Druid 2
Bonus Spell Slot Druid 3
Decreased Attack Modifier -2
Decreased Damage -2
Use Limitation: Druid
Material: Oak

Staves like these, gifted by wise oak trees, make poor weapons. Nevertheless they are powerful foci from which druids can draw power.

Lead-Lined Helmet
Decreased Skill Modifier Listen -1
Decreased Skill Modifier Spot -1
Increased Weight 5lbs
Saving Throw Bonus vs Mind-Affecting +3
Material Lead
Material Steel

This hefty helmet offers little by way of physical protection, but its lead-lined interior does proof the wearer against attacks of the mind. Helmets like these were first constructed by a paranoid Falkovnian armourer, who was convinced the Ministry of Intelligence was stealing his thoughts. What became of him is a mystery, and although the Ministry seized most of his stockpile, some managed to slip through and onto the open market.

//Editied by MAB. A modified version of this helm might be coming soon on a paranoid head near you.

Trollskin Bracers
Damage Reduction +2/5
Damage Vulnerability Fire 50%
Famage Vulnerability Acid 50%
Material: Hide

This pair of bracers are wrapped in trollskin. They grant the wearer troll-like resiliance, but at the expense of the creatures' weakness to acid and flame.

Gloves of Presdigitation
Cast Spell: Acid Splash 1 Charge/Use
Cast Spell Electric Jolt 1 Charge/Use
Cast Spell Flare 1 Charge/Use
Bonus Spell Slot: Wizard 0
Bonus Spell Slot: Sorceror 0
Material: Cloth

These gaudy gloves are sewn with symbols and threaded with arcane designs in gold and silver wire. Different gestures activate the latent magic in the gloves, producing an array of minor magical effects. Their true power, however, is revealed only to real students of the arcane.

Coldforged Ward
AC Bonus vs Racial Group Outsider +3
Weight Increase 5lbs
Material Iron

These gauntlets are rough and chunky, cold-forged from a single ingot of iron. Far too weighty to be used as effective weapons, they nevertheless provide effective protection from the swiping claws of fiends.

Belt of Grounding
Damage Resistance Electrical 10
Material Elemental Earth

This belt is made from a strange, glossy material that is cold and smooth to the touch. It renders the wearer extremely resistant to electricity.

//Editied by MAB. A variation of this belt in coming soon in a random treasure chest near you.
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
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Item Name: The Greed's Creed

Item Type
: Greataxe

Description: The Original Greed's Creed was rumored to have been crafted with the fangs of a elder draconic vampire, a ravenous beast who drank lakes of blood in his rampages. Some say the dragon's spirit was trapped within the blade, it's hunger freed from restriction. Now it feasted on all forms of life, even unlife itself, using the blade's edge.

Over the ages, the weapon always resurfaced, usually in the hands of bloodthirtsty warriors. To the last, they died violent ends, either due to their blood rage....Or to the blade's own hungry, as the wielder was devoured. None was safe from Greed's Creed.

Until an unknown cleric took it upon itself to purify the weapon. The annals of times erased the specifics, but it is known that Greed's Creed was shattered, each fragment only possessing a portion of the axe's legendary power.

Even so, this darkened blade is a potent weapon. But beware two truths:

The Axe is not your friend.

And Greed's Creed Always Hungers....


-Enhancement Bonus [+1]
-Damage Bonus Negative Energy [1d4]
-Vampiric Regeneration [+1]
-Massive Criticals [1d6]
-Visual Effect [Evil]
-Material [Iron]

-Decreased Constitution [-2]
-Decreased AC Natural [-2]
-Decreased Savings Throw Fortitude [-2]
-Damage Vulnerability Divine [50%]

Item Cost : 3716


Top : 2 [Color 3]
Middle : 2 [Color 4]
Bottom : 11 [Color 1]


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
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Item Name: Slab

Item Type: Greatsword

Description: This isn't a weapon: It's a mockery of craftmanship. The 'blade'', if it can be called that, looks like someone grabbed a large slab of iron and hammered it vaguely into the shape of a sword. The only remarkable aspect of this thing is that the Slab doesn't fall apart under it's sheer weight.  A fluke or some unknown genius forging technique, who can tell?

Regardless, the improperly heavy blade's edge is dull, though a hit from this 'sword' would  admittedly still hurt like all hells. But it's greatest strength is also it's greatest weakness : Only the strongest warriors could hope to lift this thing, let alone wield it.


-Damage Bonus Bludgeoning [1d8]
-Material [Iron]

-Decreased Saving Throw Reflex [-2]
-Decreased Skill Tumble [-4]
-Weight Increase [30 lbs]

Item Cost : 6258


Top : 7 [Color 1]
Middle : 7 [Color 1]
Bottom : 25 [Color 1]
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
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Item Name: Lightblade

Item Type: Longsword

Description:  This odd hilt shows up occasionally on the Streets of Sigil. The thing is unadorned with any fancy engravements, save for a single crystal placed on top. When held, the crystal manifests a blade made out of an unknown energy, which produces a faint hum when wielded. Upon closer inspection, one would also note that the initials 'L.S.' are scratched into the bottom of it.

As strong as a normal blade, yet much lighter, rumors are abound as to it's origins. Some claim an entity from a bygone age crafted it as a replacement upon the loss of a far superior blade. Others say it to be the weapon of an bizarre beholder cult, the Jarred Eye.

Regardless, the weapon is well-regarded for being a truly elegant weapon, well suited for defensive maneuvres.


-Damage Bonus Positive Energy [1]
-Increased Saving Throw Reflex [+1]
-Increased Skill Parry [+2]
-Material [Gem, Peridot]
-Material [Iron]

Item Cost : 3006


Top : 21 [Color 2]
Middle : 13 [Color 1]
Bottom : 24 [Color 4]


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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
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Item Name: Savage Nut

Item Type: Miscellaneous Small

Description:  This nut comes from the tree of an enraged dryad. Eating the nut causes someone to temporarily grow bark-laden claws, infused with the dryad's anger, ready to be unleashed. These nuts are usually gifted to novice druids, though they are also widely sought by those specialising in unarmed combat.


Cast Spell Claws of the Savage (7) [Single Use]

Item Cost : 1050


Icon : iit_smlmisc_012

//Edited by MAB, coming soon in a druidic grove near you. Description will be expanded to provide further details on the Oak & Rowan druidic factions.
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Re: Item Request Thread (Read The First Post Before Posting) v2
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Item Name: Expresso

Item Type: Miscellaneous Small

Description: The culinary invention of an unnamed mage, "Expresso" is guaranteed to give you the energy you need to get out of bed and on with your day. Rumored to be created in an a specially enchanted machine and possibly be detrimental to long term health, the exact formula remains a jealously guarded secret. Despite the uninformed nay saying, this beverage remains a favorite of University students and professors alike.

Expeditious Retreat (1) Five charges/use
25 Charges

Cost: 938
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