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A notice of Aiding Faith
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Along the outskirts, Vallaki, and the Drain notes of fine penmenship and parchment are located where most traveled written in trade and balok denoting an elegant sent of dried roses

I call to you oh children existence if you have suffered great loss, betrayal, slighted or bereaved by loss you need not suffer alone. The church of the Avenging Mother grows and those whose pain and suffering is unbearable can seek me Dracos von Nightscape clergy of the Avenging Mother. Her succor is limitless as she slumbers the Night listening to the shadows of the whispers of your pain. Do not believe in hope or to promises for they are the sin of those who do not act or motivated in wishful thought. Do not plan ahead or plot for a better life rather hard work and determination by will shall show you forward.

I as a man of cloth and a man of business know of success through due process. Faiths that would condemn you to the mist because you do not believe in their god or cast light upon you yet still cal you freak are not as good as they devote. The Avenging Mother does not judge but those who have wrongly harmed or alighted you who makes you down trodden or has unjustly harmed you.

Reveal your secrets to me. Confess your pains and sufferings to her and I will offer wisdom. If you seek to be avenged I will offer you aid. If you are down trodden and ill I will heal. If you are tired and bitter sing your tale to me so she may guide you to happiness. Be you barovian, outlander, or what walk of life her aid is forever yours. Seek me at Night if you must for your secrecy or be bold and find me in the day.

Sincerely yours, Dracos von Nightscape

The bottom holds an address at the Lady's Rest and Blue Water Inn

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