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Author Topic: Upcoming server migration - help us testing the new setup  (Read 2782 times)

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Upcoming server migration - help us testing the new setup
« on: September 09, 2016, 03:50:06 AM »
Salutations all mist dwellers!

Since being hosted at Google has been proven to be less than ideal from a performance and stability standpoint, and the price much higher than the competition, we've decided to migrate to a different server hosting - namely There we can get much superior hardware for less than 2/3rds the cost. Many professional companies are hosted there as well as other major NWN servers such as Arelith, and from them there's been nothing but positive feedback.

If all goes well, we plan to upgrade sometimes mid next week, but you can already go check it out at There's a copy of the current servervault there, so you should be able to log in with your own characters. In fact, it would be a great help if you could at least stop by once to check out if everything works as it should, but doing further testing is also very much appreciated. And don't worry about throwing yourself into the fray, because for now all that happens on the new server is not considered IC and it will all be restored to the state of our current server when the actual migration happens.

Overall, we are very excited to see what this change of host will have of effect on everyone's experience. And since it all is in fact funded by you through your generous donations and support, it is all of us that thank you for making this possible at all. So remember to share some love out there  :cloud9:

On behalf of the entire server team,