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Author Topic: Kalet Sarkozi's spellbook  (Read 504 times)


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Kalet Sarkozi's spellbook
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Re: Kalet Sarkozi's spellbook
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Spoiler: show

Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Faction: Independent

Occupation: Adventurer

Nationality: Dementlieu

Truthfully, Sarkozi's "Spellbook" consists of a few spells and none of them comparable to a genuine wizard's trove of knowledge. Due to the little space required for casting in her journal, it tripled over as a ledger and personal journal for herself. She started writing when she first left her home in search of her fortune and meeting people. As such, she tends to writes everything from her perspective (obviously) and keeps notes of debts, perceived grudges and slights, as well as anything she'd deem beneficial for herself.

The journal is written in Halfling.