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Disband the Iron Son
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:47:00 PM »
*Notices are placed up around the out skirts in fine barovian lettering put up by outsiders who work effortlessly to place them.*

To those that have interest and those of the Iron Son this is a means for citizens to know truth. An innocent man was lashed a man who broke no law, made no crime, and yet made guilty to bare his purity to the world. Beaten to unconciousness by the Garda doing thier duty and yet by a female garda's testament the Iron Sons hold favor with the law. Does this mean the Iron Sons are the law? Can even a gunderkite woman whose people rebel Barovia and ally with Invidians is allowed through favor to pass judgment on Barovian citizens and hold position in this nation? Though the man was an outsider he was wrongfully judged. A healer by trade and a supporter of those that needed a laborer he may no longer be able to help the people. Lashed and broken this asset to the people is lost for the sake of the Iron Sons pride. Seek to disband that which has allowed your family, friends, and love ones to fall up the road and be detained by the Invidians.

Those who walk upon our Count's land must follow his rule. Yet here a band of mercenaries play hero with the lives of Barovia upsetting Outlanders, Vraja casting rebels, and thwacking the hornets nest of Invidians with out success and a plan. These same folk turned away a man aid through verbal threat and physically assaulti g the man in the ladys rest then send him to be lashed and jailed with no crime other than warning them of thier deaths for wrongful actions.

This is not ment for unrest or panic or disturbing the peace. Barovians are thr Counts' people even those of the mist who seek refuge as outlanders. If they wish not his laws rhey may leave his lands but those that live by his rule must protect his people from that which is wrong and harmful. I implore you to see the facts yourself and ask the man who was lashed he lays in shame in the Morning Lord temple praying traumatized by what the Iron Sons have done to him. Your proof is there.
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