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[Parchments adhered to any viable stationary object are posted in the various gathering locations around the core.  The letters are meticulously penned; the scripting and looping clear evidence of an accomplished and well-educated scribe]

Harken my testimonial!

Cursed with a crippled and twisted hand, the result of youthful impulse and imprudent sentimentality, I had exhausted all means to cure this mar. Tinctures and tonics from the farthest reaches of the core, skilled hands of the most enlightened and practiced doctors, and the keenest of erudite intellect were all unable to shed me from my blemish, my deformity.  Resigned in my fate to be saddled with a hand only capable for the precarious balancing of bottled spirits and a spirit nearly devoid of hope, I entreated the Dawnbringer Oristesen for aid. 

This devotee to the Dawnfather willingly agreed to render aid and succeeded where all others had previously failed. With much anguish and strain to himself, altruism of the purest form, I was cleansed of this blight.

My flesh and function renewed.

Being of meager means, the accumulated wages of a courier is far from lavish, pervasive concerns crept into my mind of the cost associated with such a miraculous mirae.  The devotee Oristesen wished for no manner of payment, asking only that I provide the charity that was within my means.

Thus this proclamation is in homage to the glorious Lord of the Dawn and the benevolent clergy that serve in His name.  May all know their magnanimity.