Author Topic: Reminder: Using third-party systems to exploit will result in an indefinite ban.  (Read 2590 times)


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To all our Prisoners of the Mist:

This is a reminder that the use of third-party hacking software to exploit the NWN engine will result in an immediate and indefinite ban and the deletion of all characters belonging to the exploiter's account(s). While we wish that this were not necessary, the sad reality is that we have caught and banned more than one player recently for such an exploit, which goes against the fundamental principles of fairness on which this community is founded. The use of such a program shows a lack of respect and a selfishness which have no place in this community. As should be obvious from this message, the measures that we have in place are such that we can and sooner or later will detect all such exploiters and hackers, so just don't do it.


The PotM Administration