Author Topic: Dwarven notices left near the Vistani Camps, outskirts and Dvergenheim.  (Read 447 times)


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Dwarven Brothers!

The time has come to help ease the suffering of our people, our cousins, our brothers and sisters!

Be either to cleanse the underground of Dvergenheim or to bring treasures and provisions from distant lands, all those interested in joining forces, Dwarf by Dwarf, are conclaimed to reunite.

Leave a note in Dvergenheim sating your name and where to find you so we may schedule a great reunion to change the destiny of our people.

All Dwarves are welcome and Dwarven Knights who swore to Defend their brothers are specially seeked.

Will you be at my side, Brothers and Sisters?
Dolin Schneim.

//ooc: answeras to this post, forum pm's and tells to Anarcoplayba are welcomed. The plan is to create a Dwarven group that, luckly, may evolve to a more constant group.
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A notice is nailed below the post in Dvergenheim.

Master Schneim,

I have read your notice in detail. In conclusion, I can only amend that Aglastan Trading Company is happy to bring itself out of retirement to support your cause. After many years of seclusion, I've come to rely more on my Kin than the locals, tenfold in times of trouble. If there is a gathering or fellowship, I would be most obliged to attend.

Kazir Aglastan,
Aglastan Trading Co.

The message is sealed with a wax stamp, and what appears to be the imprint of a signet ring -- Denoting the logo of Aglastan Trading Company.