Author Topic: The Chronicles of Faith and Curiosity  (Read 370 times)


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The Chronicles of Faith and Curiosity
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8 August 771

I am bewildered by the many mysteries hidden in plain sight. The armor stand that speaks behind the temple and begs for a password, the reason for the collapse of one our mortuary's corridors in our oldest temple, Vicar Vihelmina's reserve about a "Clergyman Petrovich", what truly is the history for the crypt below our sanctuary in the outskirts and the abandoned temple in the woods, what has brought forth these devastating curses of the past two weeks, and how the Morninglord's faithful are tied into it. All these intertwined firmly into where I place my faith. How curiosity drives my body as much as my faith forces me to begin somewhere, as I wish not question my faith again as I did with Osiris. But this begs an answer - who do I begin to bring my questions to?