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Appease the Dead; Fear the Kingfuhrer
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- Daughter of Dead Men -

|Name| Mechthild Bergfalk
|Ethnicity| Falknovian
|Age| 32
|Height| 5'6"
|Hair| None
|Home| Stangengrad
|Complexion| Fair
|Build| Stocky
|Voice| Swaggering, Boisterous

Spoiler: show

                 Restrained. Unless given leave by a superior to speak Mechthild is want to remain quiet. Her clipped military fashion carries over to the rest of her mannerisms. Ever marching about as though on parade Mechthild's posture is never found at ease in public. Perhaps in keeping with how this servant of the Kingfuhrer carries herself, Mechthild is not one to mince or soften her words. Similarly, though her words are accented harshly by the inflection of Falknovian local to Stangengrad they are always curt and to the point.

                   Reared in the Northern expanses of Drakov's domain, Mechthild was gifted with what passes for a tolerable adolescence in the lands of the Hawk. The unbecoming daughter of a lowly corporal, Mechthild reaped what measly benefits being in the family of an officer provided her. Though, as with all things in life, it could not last indefinitely. Her relatively 'lofty' lifestyle would come crashing down when her father's life was cut short in his duties. Leading a patrol to apprehend a rogue arcanist, the Corporal and his men were met with a necromancer quite unwilling to submit to the chains of the Kingfuhrer's pawns. Weaving vile magics and pulling the corpses hidden about his lair to his side, the anarchistic mage quickly tore the patrol to bits before making good his escape into the Falknovian countryside. With word of her father's grisly end quick in the coming, the shell-shocked Mechthild found herself cast from the relative sanctity of her family abode and into the clutch of the streets. Despair coupled with the hunger that shortly set upon her person, and working in conjunction the ravages of grief and malnourishment warped the struggling child's worldview into a dark parody of its former self. Even moreso than most of her countryman, the young Mechthild was beset by fear and paranoia especially in regards to the undead. With her thoughts occupied almost constantly with fearful thoughts of the dead that walk, and a death of starvation looming in her future the desperate orphan turned to what refuge she imagined remained to her. It was in this state that Mechthild turned to a source of order and stability in her world shattered by death and dark magics, the Eternal Order.

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