Author Topic: Port--Lucine - Baie de Pernault  (Read 1464 times)


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Port--Lucine - Baie de Pernault
« on: May 24, 2016, 04:48:22 AM »
A corpse hangs lifeless from the cliff overlooking the southwestern shore of the bay. The quiet night was punctuated with little noise, and only a brief flare of light. For so little a distraction, so great is the display. The gentle grass is coated with blood and gore, the cruel, guilty axe that committed the murder lying just nearby. The woman's internals are strewn about the landscape some distance, as if hurled in emotion.

Though those organs might be gathered, one would note the heart is missing.

Until frightened away, a vicious hawk is seen feeding on the dead woman's exposed chest cavity, picking through the shattered cartilage and bone - and making a meal of her eyes.


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Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Pernault
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As the sun crept over the Baie de Pernault, word of the gruesome murder in the dark and wet night was met immediately by the Gendarmerie and its Lieutenant Inspector. By the time they had arrived to the scene, most of the blood was well washed away by the unrelenting rain. The investigation of the scene was quick, and the gendarmes were seen carrying the covered body of an unidentified victim to their barracks, as well as the vicious axe used in the crime.
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Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Pernault
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2017, 02:02:21 PM »
[Port-a-Lucine is abuzz, anticipation and excitement palpable, with the clamor of boots upon the citys cobblestones.  A motley cavalcade of dashing swashbucklers, battle-hardened mercenaries, distinguished soldats, and foreign warriors traversed the core, armor and weaponry clanging and slung over shoulders.  Already preparations have been made to house the spectacle of martial prowess, a massive tent erected outside of the city ramparts in the Baie de Parnault.

The citizens of the City of Lights observed the procession, hushed murmurs spilled in social circles at the sight.  Attention and spirits drew to a crescendo as the time of the House Laurier sponsored Le Tournoi drew nigh...]

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Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Pernault
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[Overnight a few localized explosions sound off on the Baie de Pernault could be heard in a location usually used for munitions testing by members of the Gendarmerie Nationale.  The night sky is briefly illuminated by a flash of red along the coast as a thundering explosion quakes the waters and the docks of the Marchand.  Following, cries and shouts of profanity pierce the silence. 

All that is left come the morning are a few remnants of powder keg barrels, as well as bloodied, charred rags.]