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Weathered letter to the Citadel
« on: May 21, 2016, 07:52:17 AM »
Dear Voldymer,

I apologize for the tardiness of this but travel had been difficult through the mountains. I am Alan the woodsman of vallaki for some time I have aided and supplied the people of vallaki with goods of wood and furs. I have aided in the defense of vallaki against werewolves and other odds. Even aided with the situation of zachary dalensbane.  Recently upon my return a young outsider a sun lover by the name of Alicia was detained by a private Yun escutcheon. Apparently this young garda is hardy in his profession which has caused some needless trouble with outsiders. He had detained the woman on suspicion many were apprehensive mostly after the reign of the former countess.  Few at the time were aware of the return of Count Strahd and the changes that occurred or the return and changes of law. The poor woman went willingly with the private and never returned. I myself at the time tried to explain to the young private of the misunderstand and foreign feel it was of magic to the people. As said the woman complied with him and gone peacefully some time before old night arrived he had come to me as we worried in whom would represent the woman for her case. Instead I was met with threat and hostility told to turn my back to the man and be binder. The laws of Vallaki are not so strange but given the murders of outsiders by the former municipal and distrust in knowing who did this guard truly serve I merely asked him under what charges. He refuse to answer telling me refusal of cooperation is ubstruction I had beg to differ and neither disturbed nor became hostile to the private. I continued to ask what laws I broke making light conversation. When he pulled out his crossbow it was felt as threat with no proof of criminality. In that moment he cowardly ordered another guard to assault me then open fired with his crossbow. Thankfully, I was swift only wound in the leg and able to parry the garda sword with my hands. I don't know whether it was old night or the fact he lack the skill to do harm to me he turned away never to be seen again.

I have no animosity to the garda ectarina was a good friend and often I had worked with her to ensure the ongoing and threats to vallaki were known ahead of time. With the lost of her and others I left it to Astoria and his Wayfarer but he is gone as well. Currently I cannot approach Vallaki or do business less the garda hunt me down.Yet no bounties nor summons has been asked of me as I waited even now this letter is sent from Dementlieu as a medium in order to reach my words. I will pay a fine if any is requested of me for any transgressions all I ask is the assault of the garda to be lifted so I may continue defending vallaki and return to the people who need me and cared for me. I also wish to know the fate of the poor woman Alicia the sun lover few outsiders and foreigners are prepared for vallaki and due to the mist and increase of outsiders a many innocent lives can avoid harm with communication. I will also pay for her release if she has bail if not at least allow me to speak on her behalf. You may reach me in letter at the Governor Hotel in Dementlieu.

Sincerely the Woodsman, Alan
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