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To help you get a better overview, we will now try to post the changes made to the running module in this thread as we progress.

13th of June, 2005 - Version 0.3b title "...among the living again"



- Added a changelog to the OOC Main hall.

- Expanded the Balinok mountains area

- Added a few placeables to Vallaki Northwest (now Vallaki - Northwestern Farmlands)

- Added rubble placeables to Dvergeheim, to show the damage from earthquakes

- Added farm animals and plant placeables to the southern farm areas

- Set up some animal factions in Vallaki - Northwestern Farmlands

- Redid the factions in Vallaki - Western Outskirts (replaced npc stuff with dynamic factions)

- Made some changes to La Bibliotheque Ombragee store

- Removed references to the old wolf faction from Lake Zarovich - Southwestern Shore

Creatures, NPCs and Dynamic Factions:

- Made new dynamic animal factions (deer, ravens, bats, otters, weasels, snakes, badgers)

- Changed dogs, cats, and pigs to livestock

- Updated all of my dynamic faction monsters to use all of the AI scripts. Some monsters had new scripts created to run their old scripts in conjunction with these AI scripts

- Updated some animals so that they have the proper scripts in place (now dynamic factions)

- Corrected the variables on the Vallaki Catacombs Vermin faction (grave ooze)

- Corrected the challenge ratings of the grave oozes

- Corrected the wererat XP gain.

- Updated the NPC Wren Jax - removed her bag of holding


- Changed the attack script so killing Navarre no longer makes all commoners hate the PC

- Changed the attack script so that stealing from the fountain no longer make all defenders every on the server turn hostile to the PC

- Fixed a problem with the XP script not giving XP for familiers' and summons' kills in some cases.

- Made other small alterations of the XP script.

- Added CEP crafting (!)

- Added coding that should prevent all abuse of the crafting.

- Added posibility to make Dynamic Faction spawns appear at different places different times of day.

- Altered the emote system slightly to make it recognise commands better inside emotes.


- Added optimization for melee battle ranges for PCs.

- Added optimization for melee battle ranges of some small CEP monsters to make them less frustrative to fight.

- Fixed the bug with corpses not being raisable.

23rd of June, 2005 - Version 0.3c title "Dark rituals in the night"

Updates this time around:

-fixed gelatinous cube in the sewers to have full AI scripts

-added predator and bird factions to the Balinoks, as well as adding some more benign wildlife

-removed magical swords from the weapon racks in the nobles' district barracks. The chests in the barracks should no longer spawn random treasure

-fixed Moloch's spawn script so he should now stay seated

-changed the conversation of the dwarven female commoners in Dvergeheim

-Dvergeheim is know fully "filled in" --no more empty rooms!

-Daniela's store should now do appraise checks

-The Blue Water Inn should look fancier now. Also made the day patrons disappear at night, so it doesn't become too crowded on the first floor.

-Added two new monsters: the Polodnica and the Noctnitsa

-Retouched the OOC Main Hall

Scripting specific:

-Optimized escaping AI.

-Made avian creatures behave more naturally.

-Tweaked a gazellion scripts for better performance.

-Fixed the day/night system for dynamic factions. Beware of the nightfall.

-Added a bug with the NPC ambient animations (Doh!)

30rd of June, 2005 - Version 0.3d title "Freedom"


Moved to NwN 1.66

Area specific:

-Added a new NPC: Florica Romulich

-Fixed the text formatting on the Tome of Strahd

-Removed the spawn script that caused Morgalla Hambley to sit...this was causing odd behavior at night.

-Added a new creature: the Glaistig

-Fixed the Vallaki Guard blueprints so they no longer drop potions or hundreds of +1 bolts

-Added an entrance to the sewers in the Warehouse District

-Touched up the Warehouse District Sewers with sounds and placeables

-Added an entrance to the sewers in the Southern Farmlands area

-Added day and night animal spawns to the Southern Farmlands

-Removed a "Post" waypoint in Dvergeheim that was causing problems with Moloch sitting on his throne.

-Touched up the Nobles' District Sewers with sounds and re-oriented all ladders so that they're facing the proper direction

-Added day/night spawns to the animals in the Shores of Lake Zarovich. Certain animals will now only appear at a particular time of day.

-Fixed the guard spawns in the Main Docks.

-Fixed the ambient moon color in the Main Docks and Shores of Lake Zarovich to match the color in the surrounding areas.

-Added day/night spawns for bats in the Main Docks

-Added additional ambient sounds for the Balinoks

-Fixed the raise scrolls.

-Played a bit with the OOC - Main Hall again.

Scripting specific:

-Fixed bug that was causing the ambient animations for NPC Spawns not to trigger.

-Fixed a bug that was causing areas to deinitilize too quickly.

-Optimized the escaping AI even further.

-Lowered the benefit of dynamic faction masters.

-No longer resets the XP bank on level up.

-Made doors no longer auto close if the adjactant door's area is activated. This should prevent doors from suddenly closing when players are around.

-Inserted a 2 rounds delay for when creatures use transitions. This should make things more equal, since they don't suffer from the load time players' suffer from.

-Made an experimental item notification system that generates emotes for visible player item transactions.

Hak Pak specific:

-Imported new armour statisctics. See forum for more info.

-Made some feats no longer require an action to activate. See forum for more info.

-Updated the 2das to NwN 1.66

9th of July, 2005 - Version 0.3e title "My precious!"


Area specific:

-Updated the Western Outskirts - Church of the Morninglord - Catacombs to use the new treasure generating system.

Scripting specific:

-Added a new treaure generation system.

-Fixed bug that was causing the dynamic factions to not properly loose power.

-Fixed a bug with transitioning monsters.

-Made a few minor fixes to the item notification system.

-Greatly reworked the XP system.

Hak Pak specific:

-Added a new addon to the forest tileset.

-Added 16 new custom heads.

-Added a handfull new custom creatures.


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