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Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« on: May 07, 2015, 05:55:37 PM »
The Silver Wardens

The Silver Wardens are a loose band of knights, scouts, and mages who maintain a network of support for one another in fighting the minions of darkness. All members are expected to behave as if they were of lordly caliber, to not bring discredit to the name they fight for.
Alignments: No CE/NE (If you can hide it well enough ICly, so be it, but understand that if your true nature is revealed, reprecussions would be. . . severe)

Races: All. Certain races will may face stiffer resistance.

Classes -  No Blackguard, No pale master.

Faith Restriction- No followers of Bane/Lawgiver.

Structure -

[Knight Commander: Cyrus Gallant]
[Advisor- Star]
[Advisor- Ae'ver]
[Potions Master- Sage]
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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2015, 01:49:04 PM »

Spoiler: show

The Western Mission of the Lawgiver


"I tread the path of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass, I will walk it barefoot; through it cross rivers of fire,
I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the light of the Iron Lord guides my step."

The Church of the Lawgiver, founded in Nova Vaasa many centuries ago, had spread to Hazlan upon their borders touching.  Such was the will of the Lawgiver, to shed His Light upon the blessed Mulan and their faithful Rashemi.  It is through the Lawgiver that great works were performed, infrastructure improving tenfold.  Monuments to the glory of its ruling class elevated. 

Now is the time for Barovia to rise, as well, in the eyes of the Divine Emperor.  For in these last days leading to the Third Judgment, it is the duty of the Church to spread His word, to convert as much of Humanity and the lesser races as possible, before the destruction of this fallen world.


Alignment: Lawful Evil, some Lawful Neutral

Races: Human (For now)


Mulani, Rashemi, Barovian, Gundarakite, Forfarian, Thaani

Classes:  Clerics, Fighters, Rogues (Multiclass Fighter if Gudkaede), Monks (Konduktors, vow of silence mandatory) Divine Champion, Weapon Master, Assassin



Biskop Mehmet Aossoz


Kontor Koltur Natthraakt (Olywynn)


Akolyts and Gudkaedes

Ossur Fezim
Gudkaede Roxelana Meskhenet
Gudkaede Doukan Meskhenet

How to get involved: Send a PM with your character idea.  The current rankings available for clerics are Dommers, and Akolyts.  The current rankings available for the Gudkaedes are Initiates, and Links.  Those who are shaky on the dogma, should start as Akolyts.  Do not get angry OOC if you are confronted IC or OOC regarding your take on the dogma, this faction is striving for a proper telling of the Church's stances.
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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2015, 10:32:54 AM »
The Zephyr Expedition

Derived from the cultural practices of a dwindling race of offworld elves, the Zephyr, as they were originally called, were a historical group of men and elves dedicated to the hunt and study of the extraplanar monsters and beings which continued to linger opon the world after a great calamity which nearly lead to the extinction of an entire race. As time moved on over the centuries, the practices of the Zephyr became scarce, only the passing stories between the elder families and lorekeepers.

The Zephyr literally meant a west wind, which symbolically stood for the search of peace throughout all of the land, which was thought to come by purging the abyssal monsters and hellspawn that ravaged their world. The Zephyr Expedition is the 'modern' interpretation of these distinguished hunters of old times, rekindling their practices and taking on the hunt against these evil extraplanar and supernatural beings.

IC/OOC Summary & Purpose:

+ To locate, study, and hunt planar creatures and threats involving them.
+ Educate on the affects of planar spells and promote responsible use.
+ Interested in associating with a family-like atmosphere and organization.
+ Interested in learning more about the lore behind various creatures.
+ Looking for high-risk and involving expeditions and roleplay.
+ Support other organizations which promote goodly behavior.

Classes:    All
Races:    All
Alignment:    Preferrably Good / Neutral
Locations:    Vallaki, Mist Camp
Porfolio:    Do-Gooders, Demon/Devil Hunters, Planar Studies / Magic

Sìdhel Ophelia Sidhel
Hatsune Breeanna Soreaske

The Zephyr Expedition is a group based on activism, adventure, and intrigue. Involvement with this faction is earned in game by invitation, yet players interested in joining are welcomed to throw either of the listed contacts a PM on the forums or tell in game if you have any questions, comments, or concerns;  as well as if you are considering making a new character to try and join up.

( Interested in finding a DM who would like to work with us in providing unique experiences and roleplay challenges. We welcome high-risk adventure and investigation regarding supernatural and extraplanar activity. )
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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2015, 09:08:31 AM »

Freedom for Forlorn.

Aim: Preparing an army for the liberation of southern realm of Forlorn, and people to colonize it.

Proceedings: This groups would be mostly about crafting, to equip a future army, but also to develop a system of rule to be. So needing people willing mostly to play crafters, and willing to aim to an "impossible goal". Any type of character can be involved, and even leaders are included in the search.

Classes/Alignment: Any really, it depends on the individual character and player.

Contact: --GlamRock--;u=3847 or Arden Stanic in game.

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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2015, 07:47:33 AM »
[Upcoming group, just waiting upon ingame events to take place before forming offically]

The Enclave
Or otherwise known as…
Enclave of the Veil

Enclaves Theme

Alignment- Lawful Neutral
Ti shio svaust Rovaan re woari
Not all who wander are lost.


Magic is a wondrous and a mysterious force, with its many hidden secrets it captivates the imagination, yet
this knowledge is fleeting as it often becomes lost to time or destroyed by those who fear it. The Enclave are
the guardians of all knowledge, protectors and keepers of lore long thought lost.

The Enclave is a luminous sun towards which all intelligence blossoms. And the impervious shelter beneath which it
has prospered. Under the careful tending of the Enclave and its mages, the roots of knowledge shall grow deep and
be preserved.

The Enclave while being guardians of knowledge also understand that information retraining to the dark arts like necromancy
is dangerous, but understanding such things help in defending oneself from it.


The Enclaves ethos revolves around its mission to locate and preserve arcane knowledge, but also to share this knowledge.
The Enclave however has  strict laws forbidding dark arts or information on such to be shared with no one but it’s most trusted
members, it acts responsibly when dealing with such, and fully understands the dangers.

However artefacts, grimoires and other sources of knowledge are always kept, regardless of its contents, this is due to the order believing
that the greatest defence is to understand what we face. The Enclave provides benefits to scholars of magic and established laws regarding
the proper use of magic, necromancy is a forbidden art but is studied to some degree for the purpose of understanding its nature.

Ignorance isn’t accepted among the order, all things must be understood otherwise we are but helpless children against it, however proper
care and humility must be shown. The Enclave is dedicated to the collection of knowledge via the keepers and the preservation and distribution
of magical knowledge via the Archivists, with an emphasis on ensuring all may benefit in some way from this knowledge.

Laws and Mandates

The Enclave has three laws and one mandate which members must adhere to, breaking these laws can hold different punishments.
Breaking any of the three laws is referred to the Triumvirate for the punishment, stealing or breaking trust by betraying identity if by
mistake is merely a slap on the wrist or suspension, harming a fellow member or giving away secrets on purpose is banishment.

Law of fellowship

This law refers to the loyalty to one another, never harm or steal from a fellow member as well as keeping members identities
hidden, never betray or say the name of a fellow member to an outsider.

Law of Forethought

This law states that you must act in adherence with the philosophy of the order, and it is better to voice your concerns first to
the Triumvirate that act without wisdom. Think on your actions and do not act irrationally. It also means act carefully with all things
we possess, including our magic.

Law of Responsibility

To act with restraint and humility when dealing with none members.

To act with care and wisdom when dealing with the dark arts.

To act with understanding and an open mind towards the arcane.

Mandate of the Order

The mandate of the order states that the knowledge it holds must never be used to harm or to grab power from the natives,
and that is must be respected and not used for selfish reasons. Should any member bring disgrace to the order, or harm a living
being with the knowledge the order holds, said member will be Banished.

Class- With any levels or wizard or sorcerer, and bard
Races- All are welcome
Alignment- The faction is netural though inclined towards good, evil character mages can join just so long as they are not to obvious and keep their
evilish actions to themselves
Locations-Barovia mainly
Who to contact ooc- Ingame Zeddy "Reinhart Rin" or Forums Tarmikos1

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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2016, 10:18:51 AM »
                        First Legion of the Mist
                                                                        "Honora; etiam totalis pereamus in faciem"
                                                                  "Honor; even in the face of total annihilation"

                                                                                                                                   About Us
   We are a community of individuals that band together for a common interest: Safety in numbers, companionship, and to acquire items to hone our skills. We assist members of the group who are struggling, and train them to the best of our abilities. We hunt what goes bump in the night. We band together to survive and in doing so we bond as as shield brothers and sisters. We go on expeditions to acquire wealth and slay evil frequently.

   The Structure is Militaristic, but not hostile. The Ranks are based off of skill, in other words we judge your skills before we promote you to the next rank. This allows us to ensure that the ones with higher rank actually watch over and assist those under him. We designed it this way to keep with our true motive of creating a group that helps and continues to gain strength.

  • Legatus Legionis: Zakhari Norbanus Sura
  • Centurion of the 1st Cohort: Manius Maccius Severus
    • Optio of the 1st Cohort: Currently Vacant
    • Vexilarius: Grigori  (standard Bearer)
    • Signifer:Currently Vacant    (pay keeper)
    • Principales (Sergeants)
    • Immunes (trained Specialists, within are many different categories)
    • Legionaries (Average Foot soldiers)
    • Auxiliary (Archers, or general support)
    • Tirones (recruits)

                                                                                                                                    How to join
                                                                                      Contact either Zakhari or Manius either on the forums or in game to arrange a meeting
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Characters: Manius Maccius Severus, Agarly Dishim


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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #6 on: April 10, 2016, 05:50:38 AM »
Bureau of Eight


:Mission statement:

This Coven of Arcanists of different discipline's who offer protection and opportunity for practice; A silent rule of not promoting necromancy but to turning a blind eye to Necromancy

//Contact Alin Cain (Reigh)
//Contact Inan De'Rethke (MoonCrower)


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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2016, 11:48:15 PM »
The Family

Death is to some a sad occasion, to some it is beautiful. Some believe it must only be dealt when necessary, some take pleasure in dealing it out ruthlessly. To the family.. Death is a fate that all should be delivered by the hands of another- their hands in particular. To them, death is beautiful, and only truly worthy when dealt in the most gruesome, and painful methods, but a swift and cunning death is still beautiful in itself.. They believe death is an entity beyond all gods, not a god itself, but a force of nature that is to be respected, and emulated, they have no gods, no faith, just a shared drive, a hunger, a desire to exterminate all life outside of the family, to bring the world closer to its end when all living things are no more.. The family is many faced however, they can be payed to kill someone in particular, they can be bribed with the life of another to spare another their hunt and killing hand, or bribed with the life of another to ignore you. The family has no allies beyond others who are willing to help them in their dream of exterminating all life... The family has just been born of the actions of one mysterious man.. And it is heard that they are accepting -you-, no matter what you are, no matter what your talents are, murderers, psycopaths, serial killers, assassins, undead, if you share a passion to kill, and are willing to accept your fellow family members as your brothers and sisters under one goal, then there is a place among the family for you.

Some Info: The family is a death cult without a god, no doubt inevitably clerics of death gods may find themselves involved with the family, but not a part of it, as they reject all who believe in what they term as "false idols" among their numbers. Their one true goal is to kill anything and everything in the most gory, bloody, gruesome ways, they all seek to find pleasure, and satisfy their urge to kill other beings- However, they too seek places of power, in government, other faiths, and factions so that they hold more influence over living things, and can manipulate and guide others to choices and decisions that will end in their deaths. The only ones they are truly loyal to are eachother, their "family". Some members can be secretive, hidden killers, and others can be overt, reviled, and hated publicly, yet it does not matter their reputation as long as they retain their loyalties to the family and serve the greater purposes of death itself.

Alignments: CE, NE, LE, any non-good, though inevitably any neutral concepts are bound to find themselves evil.

Faiths: Member: Faithless, Reverence of death only, no death gods. Allies: Any death god follower, or killer that doesn't want to be associated

Classes: Any and all, as long as you have the capability to kill, though obviously, no paladins, and no clerics, as clerics require a god, and as such, can only be allies.

Race: Any, the more deadly your race the better, undead are particularly respected for already having a foot in the door of death

//Have a reputation of one that would attract the family, and the family will find you.. Although.. If you asked about them in certain places.. You could discover the one recruiting people to this twisted family. Best way is to make a rumor post about you searching for the family, and you will inevitably be visited by them at one point. Or you can pm me on the forums, that works too ^_^//

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Re: Legacy: Player-Created Faction Guide
« Reply #8 on: June 29, 2016, 03:11:08 PM »
"Iron Sons Mercenary Company"
~The Mercenary Guild~

"Are you down on your luck, and don't know where your next lot of fangs will come from? Ever wanted to see the
world, but were unable to afford the trip? Do you crave recognition for your accomplishments? Then seek out the
Iron Sons Mercenary Company, looking for able bodied Barovians, protect your home, and earn a fortune while
doing it!."

The Iron Sons are a band of Barovian born mercenaries, bounty hunters and sellswords who work together in an
organized guild, selling their services to anyone willing to pay the fang, unless it goes against local laws, for
example they won’t sell their services to criminals, freaks or enemies of Barovia. The company does possess a
–very- loose code, but a code none the less.

The types of jobs which are often taken on include protection work for indiviuals sometimes working in week to
month contracts in which one of two Iron Sons will be assigned to protect the person. they hunt down enemies of
Barovia with bounties on their heads, even hunting outside of Barovia for their prey and those who hide in other
lands, bringing them back for due punishment. Other duties include protecting commerce, capturing or driving away
beasts which threaten Vallaki and similar security duties.

The Iron Sons Code
 I am a professional soldier. My equipment and comportment shall reflect this.
 I shall uphold my contract and perform my duties to the best of my ability.
 I shall not betray my employer. 
 I shall not loot nor pillage without my commander's consent.
 If my employer betrays me, I shall seek redress through the Guild

Requirements- Barovians only.
How to get involved- Seek out Teodor Dragomir or Dimitry Tomescu. Or pm Meridian on the forums.
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