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About the new "Looking for Roleplay" system
« on: January 27, 2016, 09:44:31 AM »
Our highest aspiration when designing this server has always been to foster the roleplay and build the perfect conditions for it. A part of this is also to reduce the amount of OOC mechanisms that often just distract you from experiencing and acting out your character from his or her perspective.

Nonetheless, we have decided to experiment with a new system that could on the surface seem to go in the opposite direction of this - what has aptly been named the "Looking for Roleplay" system (hat tip to Pagliacci for originally posting this idea on the forum). Once enabled (per character setting), you can see a list of others who currently also have it enabled as well as their location, allowing you to seek them out. While we still encourage you to primarily let the roleplay occur naturally through your encounters with other PCs, these encounters sometimes fail to occur on their own - and roleplay after all always requires other people to roleplay with. If you have trouble finding other players and get involved in roleplay, use this system to help you find others in the same situation.

Use the commands "@lfrp" to opt in and "@lfrp list" to see a list of players currently looking for roleplay.

Whether you will use the system will always remain entirely optional, but we still hope that many of you will help us evaluate this system with an open mind and share your feedback and comments on the forum.


The Ravenloft POTM development team.


For comments, please use the designated topic here:

(Note: this system will be implemented by next update, scheduled to be implemented within a few hours)
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