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Script Idea: Sentient Mists (NPC awareness)
« on: November 19, 2015, 07:24:28 AM »
Ok, I had a crazy idea! Why not add a new non-droppable PC settings style on main NPCs and those random spawned guards? Why you may ask, for this little script to help prevent the more forgetful of us that NPCs are more than stafic objects. I'm not the best scripter so I'll make it simple sounding.

On Spawn;
Get npc name
Get npc faction
Set item name = name
Set item description = faction
//individual checking for later
On despawn/death/dangerous server idle time
Add description = get server time/date
Move item: Target persistent safe chest = faction chest

This is just the beginning, (hands cold battery dying on phone)
This precursor item will allow dms to check logs made by NPCs for more dynamic PC - World interaction with implications such as "You once saved lizuca from the brink of death, she likes you more" (mtc)


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Re: Script Idea: Sentient Mists (NPC awareness)
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2015, 08:49:52 AM »
Now for more of the general idea which can be expanded on in many directions!

To put it simple the script would call on the variables of the faction the NPC is set in for interactions between PC and NCPs within viewing diststance of each other for things that would be generally hostile or (Significanly fewer) smiled upon by the respected faction and either add favor (Typically max favor obtained with a faction of 1 per reset or RL Day or reset not sparked by PC @vote command). This favor would not be grantable by the PC unless done so with DM supervision by actually spreading word among their faction.
In example:
Faction in question Vallaki Garda and Vallaki Citizens. PC 1 is a villian who is wanted by the guards who decides to stroll outside of patrol but passes a civilian. Usually civilians won't attack a wanted criminal because of faction differences of Garda and NPC Citizen. (Unless this has been changed) Well, even though of seperate factions, PC 1's OCR causes NPC #1 to call for help or even go into attack mode. Now with this script, if developed right, the npc would run to the nearest NPC marked under the Garda Faction with a variable that would trigger the "Enemy spotted, Horn blow". No more simply getting called on if seen by the guards, now NPCs can rat you out too.
Alongside this addition to the OCR script, it can give the player a bit better chance at AVOIDING OCR by, you guessed it, Eliminating all witnesses (Or for those named NPCs who we all know and love, Incapacitate, Talking about you Radu, lovable immortal). This would be achieved by making all OCR checks added as a variable to the item's data that can be passed from NPC to NPC within hearing range "Help help! Outlander trying to steal my potato!", that if reaching a Guard would add to the OCR based on the action taken, Theft, spell casting that's not deemed bad by the faction in question (You may heal, but you can also cause some bad juju) and straight murder that is witnessed within listening range. Even down to brandishing a weapon (Seriously.. who walks around with a sword ready to swing all the time?)
While yes, this is mostly covered by the OCR system, it is more of a piggyback ride from one system to another, along with being able to find players who abuse npcs (Mass murder without DM knowledge, griefing an npc, etc), and aid in preventing ORC and hostile from occurring in certain situations:
PC 1 from before has killed NPC 1, but not before Guard VG could blow his horn and become hostile to PC 1. PC 1 and VG combat for a while before PC 2 comes at the call of the horn. PC 2 attacks PC 1 (Normally causing difficulties in OCR if they don't hit you first) VG's properties call on his knowledge of PC 1 and PC 2. PC 1 has -10 or less (Openly Hostile) reputation, PC 2 Has 0 to 10 (Turn the other cheek). PC 1 and PC 2's properties call each other when hostiling, setting a toggle to 1 and getting a variable list of all people hostiled within view range. VG reads these two as toggled and sees they are fighting with something, he calls on the list of people they are fighting. VG goes down a list of ifs: First ifs judges Who is ally (PC 2), who is enemy (PC 1). Second ifs judge who is fighting who (PC 2 and PC 1). If it comes to be finding PC 2 (Ally) is attacking PC 1 (enemy) then it will disable OCR for PC 2 as long as It's toggle is 1, PC 1 is alive, and PC 2 does not attack VG.
As a reward for aiding, once combat is done, +1 reputation (Maximum 1 per day per faction with a cap set by Dev choice) IF the NPC survives long enough to despawn and add his counter to the tally. [PC 1 would get greater infamy with no maximum, PC 2 would retain or gain fame with a maximum amount only editable by DMs in game for 'well renowned' heros]
Now say PC 2 happens to be a caster and casts a spell the faction dislikes. Usually this would cause ocr even if you were saving the guard's mother from a demon! Well with PC 2's OCR locked, he would instead get -1 reputation added  to the end of his combat report for each cast. This can lead to many different results. Such as a total of 0 rep added and "You saved me, so I'll let this pass." -1 "Don't ever do that again" -2 "How dare you!" and so forth up to and not limited to complete loss of reputation faction wide, even automatic faction enemy toggle at -10 reputation (Just what did you do PC 2?!)