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OOC reminder: Guidelines and tips for persistency

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I've had a discussion about this with a few people- and it seems there has been a late resurgence of people using the RP threads- all good mind you...however- there seems to be cases where key NPC's are slaughtered with no DM's on and stuff like that which is hard to ''maintain'' consistency from.

So how can we use the RP threads and keep them credible; as they are a great tool if used well.

Here are a few guidelines:

1 ) Don't use an RP thread to promote Self-Grata RP.

2 ) Don't use them if it is to post how you killed 4 guards or the entire garrison, specially if not having the backing of a DM.

3 ) Don't use them to mention how you killed a Key NPC on the module - Key NPC's need to be respected if we want to maintain a certain level of realism to persistent RP - Unless you've got DM backing.

4 ) If you post about a gossip, its just that a gossip and should be considered as such, try to post gossips from an objective point of view, not your character's, try to give a feel and see things from another perspective - try the Natives for example or different views - not always the favoring me, myself and I view.

5 ) Be mindful of events to post about that occur in the city or a facility inside the city. Posting about how you slaughtered everyone inside the Blue Water inn, for example could have serious repercussions on the world - Nobles wouldn't attend it, guards would be on the lookout etc, try to post about those things if a DM has watched you and if the RP behind it has something more than because I can  to it.

6 ) Try to keep away from the over-the-top: posting about how your character slaughtered 343409 Calibans in the sewers and stuff like that.

7 ) Main action of the RP should happen in game not the forums, initiate the RP in game, give it a twist on the forums, not the other way around.

8 ) Avoid post such as: [Armand thinks to himself] ''OOooooh Ahhhh! This is certainly a good thing for my plans of world dominance''. [Cackles as he watches the sign] -  in short, if you don't emote thoughts, avoid: [Thinks to himself  or Passes by and spots the sign - walks away and chuckles!] - its completely irrelevant and contributes in nothing to the persistent world - aside upping your post count, appears as if you are ridiculing someone OOC which most likely will reflect poorly on your person.

I agree with the points raised. Without such guidelines, those forums lose any of their worth and consistency as anyone can post anything. Here is an example:

"The Count wakes up at dusk to find that the population of Vallaki has been all but slaughtered. Curious peasants in Barovia gossip about the events and how a single hardened warrior slaughtered every single peasant and guard in the city. No one knows who the mysterious warrior is, but all are mourning the loss of the 1500 citizens killed."

See...that's a bold example, but reflects some of the posts here.

Basically, using npcs in your rumors, especially if the rumor seems self-serving to your character, can be problematic.  It becomes especially problematic if you portray a native's perspective towards another person's character in a self-serving manner. 

For starters, the npc perspective in your rumor may not be all that accurate.  For example, everyone knows Gundarakites and Barovians are xenophobic, and we can also picture how they'd react to most outlanders.  But what if you had an elven priest.  What if that Elven priest is in contact with the Gundarakites, who are flocking to the cult of the Morninglord.  The iconic image of the Morninglord is that of a male elven featured man.  That might mean that those Gundarakites, despite xenophibica and a general mistrust of elves, might possibly recieve this elven priest in a better light.  They might not either, but that should really be up to the dm staff and be determined via actual role play. 

Now any character has the ic power to attempt to spread rumors.  That is not the issue.  For example, the Gundarakite rebels are entrenched in the local setting.  They, and their families who actually live in Vallaki in some cases, do represent a native npc perspective often.  Native Barovians, many of whom are in the miltia, also have players who can represent a Barovian perspective.

I'd like to add an important one for the "Gossip" posts:

I'd like to suggest that any 'message' posts between 1 to 1 be kept to PMs, please.  It's pointless to make a private letter post on the forums, as it opens for a lot of potential meta-gaming / false accusation claims, since no one else can find out ICly, unless your character is actually walking around going "Look, I wrote a letter!  Everyone in this district, read it!"

To strengthen my point:  If you're going to plot against a person/group, keep your information off the public boards and within your private party.

Yes, if a letter is posted in the Gossips forum, it should be considered gossip and free to be used by everyone  IC. If you don't want your letter to be gossip material, then send a private message to the DM/Player.

I suggest that current letters posted as gossip or whispers or whatever be considered public knowledge.


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