Author Topic: Reminder: NCE for New and Deleveled Characters Only  (Read 2811 times)


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Reminder: NCE for New and Deleveled Characters Only
« on: November 01, 2015, 01:47:12 PM »
Attention all mistdwellers:

In the last two days the DM team has noticed a number of players using a certain exploit (which I will not explain) to circumvent the requirements to enter Vallaki. This has resulted in fully-leveled and kitted-out characters slipping mechanically past the script which would ordinarily redirect characters to the Mist Camp. Please be aware that entering the NCE without your character deleveled to two and stripped of all gear is a serious exploit and will result in a warning, a ban, or the deletion of your characters, as we take infractions that compromise fairness very, very seriously. If you think that you will avoid detection, think again: our server has extensive logs and DMs are regularly monitoring on-going play. If you have taken advantage of this exploit, now is your opportunity to request that a DM port you out of the event.

I hope the rest of the NCE is enjoyable for everyone.
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