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Re: Vallaki - Nobles' District
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The Templars sworn to the Refuge of the Fifth Light and volunteers among the Ezrite Congregation are seen throughout the day cleaning the exterior of the building. This duty troubles the dutiful men and women as more than once are their efforts sabotaged; the defacement they had sought to remove returning after they had returned within. Surprisingly, neither the individuals of the affluent district nor the Garda would provide any answers to the inquiring faithful.

The vandalism is swift with rotten vegetables, decaying fish, mud mixed with various unmentionables, and crude scrawling messages of hate. The condemnations dismiss the faith as Dilisnya Poisoners and demand their return to Borca.


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Re: Vallaki - Nobles' District
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Shortly after dawn, a number of Vallaki's guardsmen enter the Adamachi Brewery - located just outside the Nobles' District. The idle susurration of the Warehouses is soon accompanied by the sound of a clearly rigorous search, with the commotion lasting until just until noon. Afterward, the group leave and pass through the northern gate up toward the Burgomaster's game reserve.

Throughout the course of the afternoon, the Garda seem to scour through every inch of the woodland in a determined investigation. Eventually, after a brief conversation at the reservation's entrance, they return back to the confines of the city's walls. Whether they found what they were searching for is not yet certain.

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Re: Vallaki - Nobles' District
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The newest Warden to the Refuge of the Fifth Light is seen around the disctrict tending to the gardens of the temple and the public park. Despite the frigid weather she works with her hands to rid them of what weeds she can.

She is seen greeting the wealthy residents, passing guards, and church goers alike, reminding them of the coming service, to be her first sermon as Warden, urging them to come.
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