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Re: Vallaki - Warehouse District
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[A flurry of activity takes place in and around the long-neglected storefront neighboring Murnu's Mercantile, largely organized by a pair of raven-haired beauties. Cushions of crimson velvet and a number of floral arrangements are led inside. Attached to the front of the wooden door is a simple advertisement and a promise of what is to come...]


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Re: Vallaki - Warehouse District
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[Someone left a bloody hand-print on the door of Warehouse II; the Christian church.]


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Re: Vallaki - Warehouse District
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Late at night, Vallaki Garda Night Patrol could be seen bringing an injured woman to Warehouse Three.

A few hours following this, very loud bangs could be heard on the door of the warehouse which eventually result in the door being bashed open.  There would be some yelling but as the sun rises the event seems to pass by.
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Re: Vallaki - Warehouse District
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A pile of broken wood, twisted metal bands, and splinters has been swept in front of the sign of Shop 2 in Vallaki's Warehouse District.

A brand new door appears to be in place on said shop.
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Re: Vallaki - Warehouse District
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Impeccably dressed and mild mannered Orinal Romulich pays a visit to Vallaki's newest den of vice, the Silver Aster. A half-dozen of his friends join him, and whatever delights they sought out must have been brief, as they depart after a short time. The toughs are heard sharing a chuckle over how much they look forward to their next visit.

Most gossips suggest the ever-reserved Orinal must have been there on business, and posit the establishment will soon be carrying Romulich tsuika stocked on their shelves.