Author Topic: Thieves Beware... Tax Day in Barovia!  (Read 3430 times)


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Thieves Beware... Tax Day in Barovia!
« on: June 23, 2015, 05:58:11 AM »
Hello there POTM'ers,

In Barovia, every year after the first Full Moon that is itself after the Summer Solstice, the count expects his taxes from all his lawful subjects. Those who loose their taxes or foolishly attempt to withhold them are put to death by their Lord and Master.

Taxes are basically 'pooled up' in two particular places in Barovia - Vallaki and the Village of Barovia, whichever is closer to you as a boyar or burgomaster. The same shall be on our server and there will be one dispatched from Vallaki and another dispatched from the village - at least, if the planets are in alignment and the skies are clear there will be both.

Along with this - is the possibility and the opportunity for anyone who understands the risks to STEAL the taxes of Barovia. At least a small portion of them. But again, it is stressed, to take from the Count is to invite his wrath, and, should it be found out who in particular has done such a thing there will be few places in Barovia that you'll be able to rest... and the Count has nothing but time on his side.

A general note: pvp in the case of this event it is absolutely expected of you to do so following the rules we have and with the excellence we expect. A pvp encounter in this context especially should leave most satisfied and even happy.


Rando Encounters
Time: Now - July 1
As the taxes come in there stands all sorts of moments misfortune.
DMs involved: Various

Vallaki Caravan
Time: July 2, 5 PM UTC (-5)/EST
The garrison in Vallaki are going to make the trek with the larger portion of the taxes. Heavily armed - though some still might take the chance.
DMs involved: DM Treason

Stealing from the Count
This would likely happen on Tax day and against either caravan. Earlier upon request and well thought out plans. If you want to to try this crazy but potentially rewarding and most certainly fun thing, send a PM, and we will discuss it as a team.


If you have other ideas, feel free to write in this thread. If you want to try thieving, please be discreet about it and send a PM. That is all!
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Re: Thieves Beware... Tax Day in Barovia!
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 04:59:19 PM »
OP updated.

The village taxes trip has been canceled because unfortunately we've got a "small crew" atm and I am but one man!

Those of you interested in stealing, however, can still make an attempt if you so desire simply PM to me your interest.

Keep your eyes peeled as well for rando events! They're happening all over Barovia!


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Re: Thieves Beware... Tax Day in Barovia!
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2015, 03:42:46 PM »
To all who walk this land - it kicks off in about an hour and twenty minutes. Be safe!


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Re: Thieves Beware... Tax Day in Barovia!
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See you next year.  :bat: