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Vallaki Garda Recruitment Poster
« on: June 23, 2015, 04:56:14 AM »
[All throughout the city, in all places sensible for official Citadel bulletins to be found, posters of the following likeness are nailed,]

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Five days' hence all clever young men and women of native blood who are free and able, literate, of age and capable of supplying their own arms are hereby invited to entreat with us

Those meeting the qualifications will come at once into the custody of the Citadel and be given accoutrement, clothing and tutelage, their mettle and wit challenged over four days

On the fourth day those worthy will be made private soldiers before the throne of Lord Ionelus and be given rank, armor and wage[/quote][/center]

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Follow this link to the OOC announcement:
Poster Credit: Visslea
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