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Upcoming Server Hosting Change
« on: May 27, 2015, 01:39:32 PM »
Dear all fellow prisoners of the mists,

Due to having finished my education, I also have to move out of the dorm I currently live in. Consequently, I can also no longer host the server.

Do not fear that this means the end of POTM however, as we've already found a new place to host the module, namely at Google's Compute Engine cloud service. This will mean increased server running costs, but it will not be any more than we as a community should be able to raise fairly easily. It won't be much.

On the plus side, it should also mean improved performance, not to mention that it will guarantee the running of the server for all eternity, or as long as people are willing to chip in.

You can already connect to the new server to help testing it, though currently it works just as a test setup. Find it at There are some old copies of your characters there, but once we go ahead with actual migration, the status of your characters on the current main server will be transferred to the new without any loss.

The actual migration will happen in a week or so, depending on how final testings go. Expect an announcement when that happens.