Author Topic: Barovia- Balinok Mountains- Lower Caverns- Underground River  (Read 1765 times)

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In the Lower Caverns adjacent the Mushroom Grove a familiar scene has taken residence. A small demure elf-maid silently prays.
The image of a many armed spider has been painted upon a weathered pillar in black lichen ink, beneath the painting is scribed a single phrase, "Lloth tlu Malla!".

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Re: Barovia- Balinok Mountains- Lower Caverns- Underground River
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[A strange note has been left in the mushroom grove, secured in place by a stone. It is unsigned, but printed in an immature hand.]

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[If turned over, the note also has a crude sketch on its back: a black crown with the word "Twlight" on it. Bright, golden marks deface both the crown and the word.]

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