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A normal snake:
:arrow: You need to include the location of where your notices are being hung up. For example, don't make a post stating your character wants to buy an item, with no information as to where the notice is placed or how to contact your character.

:arrow: Avoid going OOC in any in-character forum. This includes merchant posters, don't list the OOC stats of items. Instead, give an IC description of the item. Listing OOC time and time zone of an event is acceptable.

:arrow: Do not hold auctions on the forums, this is considered OOC behaviour.

:arrow: Try and place notices in-game as well as posting them on the forum. Don't use @mark, those disappear on area re-initializations. Instead, use a pen and write on a paper object using @write. If the notice is at all antagonistic, we expect copies to be placed in-game exactly where they are described as being placed in the forum post. This includes any libel, posts calling other people dangerous, posts attacking a religion, and so forth.

:arrow: If you need to bump a thread, keep it in-character with a [new posters are hung up] post or something similar. If you bump a thread more than once a day without adding new information to your post, it is considered spam. The best way to advertise for an event is to have in-game posters, an in-game poster won't get lost under other posts and draws attention to itself by being an object in-game.

A normal snake:
When describing a Wanted Character or any (rebel/undead/criminal/etcetera) Character via an IC notice or to others in coversations, unless you know the person's name, please use Physical traits you've seen with your characters' observations. This means, do not simply type *Describes Armand LeBarthe*, but make a list such as:

-Thin Male.
-Dark Black hair.
-Pony Tail.
-Speaks with High Mordentish accent.
-Dark eyes.
-Was wearing a Red suit.

This also goes for in game descriptions too.

A normal snake:
Notices add a lot to the game world when they are used well. They are as credible as you'll make them, given that you show a level of respect for those that post them. Try to be sober about them and only post if it is asked, or if it adds a relevance to the in-character element.

Here's a few guidelines from the rumors' sections, some can apply here. The one I'd like to highlight is #8.

1 ) Don't use an RP thread to promote Self-Grata RP.

2 ) Don't use them if it is to post how you killed 4 guards or the entire garrison, specially if not having the backing of a DM.

3 ) Don't use them to mention how you killed a Key NPC on the module - Key NPC's need to be respected if we want to maintain a certain level of realism to persistent RP - Unless you've got DM backing.

4 ) If you post about a gossip, its just that a gossip and should be considered as such, try to post gossips from an objective point of view, not your character's, try to give a feel and see things from another perspective - try the Natives for example or different views - not always the favoring me, myself and I view.

5 ) Be mindful of events to post about that occur in the city or a facility inside the city. Posting about how you slaughtered everyone inside the Blue Water inn, for example could have serious repercussions on the world - Nobles wouldn't attend it, guards would be on the lookout etc, try to post about those things if a DM has watched you and if the RP behind it has something more than because I can  to it.

6 ) Try to keep away from the over-the-top: posting about how your character slaughtered 343409 Calibans in the sewers and stuff like that.

7 ) Main action of the RP should happen in game not the forums, initiate the RP in game, give it a twist on the forums, not the other way around.

8 ) Avoid posts such as: [Armand thinks to himself] ''OOooooh Ahhhh! This is certainly a good thing for my plans of world dominance''. [Cackles as he watches the sign] -  in short, if you don't emote thoughts, avoid: [Thinks to himself  or Passes by and spots the sign - walks away and chuckles!] - its completely irrelevant and contributes in nothing to the persistent world - aside upping your post count, appears as if you are ridiculing someone OOC'ly for an IC post which most likely will reflect poorly on your person and upset the original poster.

9 )  Please post just from the perspective of your character. Don't post a general reply that isn't from one of your characters. Don't post any reactions from the populace or NPCs of the world. In general don't post any reactions from creatures, that could be DM possessed. We DMs will post the reaction of the environment or populace etc.

A normal snake:
To clarify the difference between how we want players to objectively post rumours, as well as have personal reactions be from their own character:

Gossip and rumor should be facts (or what observers would have seen/heard whether it was a misdirection or not). These facts can include "people were told that it was a man in black" if you objectively observed someone telling people that, but they should be facts. But do NOT assign an opinion to NPCs or other players, unless they actually expressed this. I've seen way too many posts from players saying "many of the upper ranks of the garda talk privately about their support for the outlander hero" when no such statements have been made by NPCs. So, in that sense avoid attributing your own character's position to anyone else. DMs can speak for the NPCs, not players.

Posts in which your character is writing or speaking (such as reports in faction forums or a biography), should be from the character's perspective, not your own or someone else's. This means you can't say, for instance, "//His name was George, but my character never learned that" or "[description of Bob Smith follows]." Of course, you can cite things that other people have told your character, or assumptions your character would have made, even if they don't align with the real facts. (If he was lied to and believed it, he might state it as fact, for instance.)

So, they're two different situations.

A normal snake:
If you do not have authority in an area (such as being a member of the garda or gendarme), you do not have permission to tear down notices. This rule has been put in place due to players going back and forth posting [hangs up new notices], [tears the notices down], [hangs up more notices]. This is very spammy and doesn't accomplish anything.Similarly, your character might be able to vandalize a few notices, but you can't keep vandalizing every single notice posted.


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