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Author Topic: Community Council Elections have begun!  (Read 3128 times)

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Community Council Elections have begun!
« on: May 10, 2015, 05:58:28 AM »
The next elections for your community council player representatives are about to begin -- a portal is now available (as per next reset to version 1.98d) in the OOC Main Hall area that will take you to the voting booth.

Before you go vote, we'd like to underline how important it is that you do not just turn into a popularity contest or a way of rewarding friends or even talented roleplayers. Try to be disassociated from personal interests when making your vote, and vote for those you feel may best serve the community. What the Council do is mainly mediating disputes and facilitating communication - it isn't like a governing institution, but a counselling and mediating aide for the community. Only and solely base your votes on criteria that you would deem important for this role - such as empathic ability, sense of justice, open mindedness, and ease of understanding. This is what will determine whether or not the Community Council will be a success.

You will get the option to evaluate your disposition toward each candidate in terms of "sceptical", "indifferent" or "positive". Once the votings are over, the four candidates with the best rating will become councillors. The DM team will then pick one candidate and so will the Development team, making it six player representatives in total. Later you will also be asked to pick someone to represent you among both the DM team and the Development team.

The voting booth will be accessible (at least) until the Monday the 18th of May, where after the votes will be counted and calculated.

Below is the list of candidates. The nominees are welcome to introduce themselves at this designated topic:

Thank you for reading and taking your time to vote - selecting the most fitting members for the CC is the best way to guarantee that there's always fairness and understanding throughout all parts of the community.


1. Bekah                 
Forum account: emptyanima
Game login(s): SheWhoSlaysDragons
Characters played: Aveyna L'Renzia, Balbina Ismene, Daewyn Orle'valsa, Edith Farthingale, Najwa, and many more!

2. Bjorn
Forum account: Bjorn Red Tiger
Game login: Bjorn Red Tiger
Character played: Dimitry Tiescu, Zaharia Dalakis, Eomirash Kethspar, Tumahab Nogersomething

3. Burnt
Forum account: ImAll4HPserver
Game login(s): ImAll4HPserver, Spooks_, Inferno_slp, Burntshadows, Alias_Today
Characters played: Thrulia Floshin, Thraden Hallomein, Blackbird, Andralynn, Clotho Clulalen, Valdruil Re'Ralin

4. Chaos
Forum account: Chaos
Game login(s): Chaoshawk, Rassan, daxing, relievedsummary
Characters played: Henri LaValle, Marcelo Tomescu, Oskar de Larose, Luigi Luciano/Ernesto Pozzi, Voldymyr Brusilov, Piers Worsley

5. Glamrock
Forum Account: --GlamRock--
Game Login: --GlamRock--
Characters Played: Caterina Fumosa, Belinda Pope, Arden Stanic, Carola Maotre Pascu and many others

6. HellsPanda
Forum Account: HellsPanda
Ingame Accounts: HellsPanda, HellsPlatypus, ElectricWasp, TheLawgiver, stormcaster, CoraxAshwind, probably more
Characters of note: Nikolos, Corax Ashwind, Alphonse Shrewtamer, Rasaad adh Nazari, and limitless amounts of other characters.

7. Herkles
Forum account: herkles
Game login(s): bismarck1
Characters played: I have played a lot of characters throughout my years here from Edmond Montte to Caterina di Morello to Rozsa Szantos. Currently I am mainly playing Siobhan MacGillivray and Krzysztof Royzcki.

8. Iluvatar
Forum account: Iluvatar
Game login(s): Iluvatar
Characters played: Juliette Marchand / Nicolai Radu

9. Legion
Forum account: Legion XXI
Game login(s): Legion XXI
Characters played: The Fox (can't remember the real name), Sesto Acerbi (sp?), Simeun Radkov

10. Lena
Forum account: ladylena
Game login(s): ladylena
Characters played: Cozette Lafontain, Lily, Camilla Dobrescu, Tess Odele, Ingrid Sebok, Odette, Sasha Dominika Gaspar, Milicent Blackburn, Dorisa Heatherdale

11. LW
Forum account: LivingWasteland
Game login(s): TheLivingWasteland, NWNSFW
Characters played: Luminita Apostu, Joanna Silversun, Ixia, Rinthia

12. Mcnastea
Forum account:  Mcnastea
Game login(s): Mcnastea
Characters played: Dante Farblake, Skald Vatreska

13. Nem
Forum account: Nemesis24
Game login(s): Nemesis24
Characters played: Zachary Dalensbane, Jean Renaud, Armin Metzger

14. Nox
Forum account: Nox / Ob
Game login(s):Harmi23/Ob/DapperDan
Characters played: Prospo Ivernu/Kólos/Nicolae Bratu/many many many more that didn't quite make the cut

15. puckwolf
Forum account: puckwolf
Game login(s): puckwolf, HyruleYou, Pyruvate, Albopictus, Japonicus, Triseriatus
Characters played: Zephyr Kontos, Adeline Laurent, Kiaran Xiltyn, Remy D'aramitz

16. qwerty
Forum account: qwerty (qwertyuioppp)
Game login(s): qwertyuioppp
Characters played: Fade, Hirnlos Stein, Zbynek Teslenko, etc

17. Stotur
Forum account:  Stotur
Game login(s): CobraCommander
Characters played: Bors Babosca, Wilthur Banold, Ruslan

18. Ternce
Forum account:  Ternce
Game login(s):  Final Installment, Greataxe Master,
Characters played:  Charlemagne Devereaux, Svartr Fjørlag

19. Trap God
Forum account: Tuneforeverfree(trap god dev)
Game login(s): Tuneforeverfree
Characters played: Marlo Sanneset, Avarice Martell