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The citizens of Dementlieu, be they foreign born and naturalized or native to this land, have certain inalienable rights bequeathed to them by virtue of their belonging to the republic, be they man or woman, large or small. These rights are as follows:

I) The right to participate and vote in elections for the position of Lord-Governor shall not be abrogated, save in cases where a citizen has acted unlawfully enough to warrant this right being stripped from them. The Lord-Governor is elected for life, and reigns until he or she chooses to retire or expires. A modest registration fee shall be excised by the government, in exchange for the exercising of this right.

II) The right of all citizens to assemble peaceably, to express their viewpoints whether verbally or through a written or printed medium, shall not be abrogated, save in cases where there is evidence of slanderous talk or of libel (a claim that can be judged as true or false by a prononceur), or if there is believed to be a serious threat posed to the well-being of our republic. Those who seek to assemble peaceably can acquire for themselves a permit from within the Palais Dirigeant, for a modest sum.

III) The Council of Brilliance is the Lord-Governor's advisory body, serving to carry out his will. The Lord-Governor appoints those who serve on the Council to their position, and they are the best and the brightest that Dementlieu has to offer. The Lord-Governor may choose to have an election take place, in order to see an empty seat filled.

The War and Defense Advisor oversees the management of the Gendarmerie. The Trade and Commerce Advisor and the aides he or she appoints to provide assistance oversee the distribution of trading licenses, shipping permits. The Advisor of Justice and Law oversees the appointment of prononceurs to the courts. The Culture Advisor safeguards the public from the vulgar and offensive, and to that end, has the power to censor. The Public Institutions Advisor sees to the distribution of grants, foreign aid, entitlements, and distribution of tax funds to those ends.

IV) High crimes are to be overseen by and handled by the Cour de Justice, made up of the Lord-Governor and his or her chosen council. Because of the gravity of these crimes, which all carry the penalty of death to the guilty party, the defendant will be allowed legal representation; if he cannot afford his own legal representative, then one will be appointed to him by the government. These crimes include:

- Treason
- Murder
- Rape
- Grand theft
- The exportation of firearms along the Prey's Road, into Falkovnia
- Practice of necromancy or other wicked forms of magic
- Conspiracy to commit a high crime

V) All other crimes of lesser severity are to be seen to by the Gendarmerie, the highest ranking member present during the arrest deciding on guilt or innocence, and handling sentencing accordingly. If need be, a prononceur can choose to bring the matter to trial, or elevate it to the Cour de Justice, if deemed necessary. Lesser crimes include but are not limited to:

- Libel and/or slander
- Arson and/or Destruction of property
- Practicing mercantile endeavors without a trading license
- Possession of contraband, including but not limited to poisons, narcotics, illegal weaponry
- Assault
- Battery
- Petty theft
- Sailing into the hazardous Sable Bay
- Entering a public building, as a person of Falkovnian birth
- Vandalism

Common sentencing involves fines, imprisonment of the guilty party, revocation of any relevant licenses, seizure of goods, or the placement of the guilty party in a state of debt bondage.

VI) All of Dementlieu's citizens have a right to food, to work, to education. The Department of Public Institutions shall be devoted to ensuring that all men and women are given what is entitled to them, as citizens of the greatest and most civilized country in the Core.

VII) A group made up of representatives of the body politic shall be formed, with each large thorp, neighborhood, town, or city voting on who they wish to represent them. This group, les Chambre des Députés, will be tasked with ensuring that the needs of the common people are met, and that their issues and grievances are redressed, in order to ensure that all are listened to, and that history does not repeat itself. Those who make up this body, called députés, are considered as much a part of the government as the Lord-Governor and his or her advisory council.

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