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[770 BC - Throughout the Core...]
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[Early in the morning, on April the 12th, 770 BC, tremors were felt throughout the whole of the Core, and even elsewhere in the Verduous Lands and the Amber Wastes. The sky became dim for a few moments, a thick gloom coming from all directions seeming to blanket the light being offered by the rising morning sun. These phenomena lasted for mere minutes, and then simply ceased - the gloom that covered the sky dissipated, and the tremors felt -- seemingly devoid of any sort of epicenter -- stopped as suddenly as they began.

So-called 'experts' are quick to try and explain away what may have happened. Zealots associated with the Darkonese sect of Ezrites have called these events 'dark portents', proof that Theodorus Raines' prophecy concerning the Time of Unparalleled Darkness will come into fruition within five years' time. More scholarly sorts suggest that the event had something to do with the Grand Conjunction that occurred long ago, in the past. Most, however, are simply writing the strange event off as an odd natural occurrance, one with no meaning behind it, simply going on with their lives. All, of course, are ignorant to the truth, and little consideration is given to the handful of men and women who saved the Core from being forever changed, and the sacrifices they made to see an ancient evil remain imprisoned...]

"None would survive but for the efforts of those whom history has forgotten." - Weathermay family motto
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