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This topic will document any changes to the rule we make so it's easy to stay updated.


21/8/2007: Updated to make better overview and clearify certain rules.

Changelog: 10/8/07 added the following to "DM Interaction"

--- Quote ---- If you have a complaint or issue you want to resolve, do not complain to or argue with DMs or other players via tells in-game. It is simply too disruptive and takes up too much time for DMs who could otherwise be running events for other players. If you have a complaint or issue you need resolved, then send a Personal Message (or "PM") on the forums to either the Head DM or one of the Assistant Head DMs.

Anything that disrupts the current roleplay environment or personal roleplay enjoyment (such as grievers, getting stuck on an inaccessible tile, or bugged characters) will be dealt with immediately. If the issue is not urgent then it is to be left for a forum PM.

Those who continue to argue/complain via tells after being informed of this rule can expect the following punishments:

Rule Broken: Complaining to a DM via in game tells, despite being directed to forums PMs (Screen shots required)

Punishment: Verbal warning from Staff (first offense)
                  Written warning (Second offense)
                  2 Week Ban (Third offense)
                  2 Month Ban (Final offense)

--- End quote ---


9/12/2007 -  Reformulated the DM communication section a bit to make it clearer and removed the punishment part as we normally don't include that in our rulebook.

03/01/2008 - Removed Harper scout from the rulebook, as it is a non-existant organization in Ravenloft, thus characters unable to progress in it.

28/01/2008 - Added section to the PvP rules:

--- Quote ---- Valid overriding in-character reasons may encompass many things such as faction conflicts, open confrontation (words or actions by the victim), refusal to withdraw or surrender by the victim (to the extent where this is possible), retaliation. Don't engage random characters if they do all within their power to avoid conflict - but on the other hand, don't expect to be safe of PvP if your character is acting confrontational, intimidating, taunting or otherwise participating to build the conflict. In doubt, both parties should take screenshots of the situation and contact a DM about it.
--- End quote ---

/13th October 2008 - Updated section 5, adding more clear definition of the relationship between OOC and IC, among other things.


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