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The Ceremony of Renewal.
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Being an account of the Ceremony of Renewal, taking place in a secluded grove near Vallaki, at the time of the spring equinox of the year 770.


The horned druid, Cernunnos was pacing nervously accross the circle, mumbling as he was rehearsing his welcoming speech. It was an important day for him, maybe the start of something new. Only time would tell. At long last the spring equinoxe was upon Barovia, life was reawakening after its winter slumber. One after the other fellow druids, and a few curious ones showed up to assist to the ceremony. Even a trader of the Red Vardo came to sell his wares, loaded with a special inventory he thought would be of interest to the gathered crowd. He would leave quite surprised to have liquidated his items so rapidly. Noon came at last, and so it was time to begin, the horned druid took place at the center of the grove.

Quote from: Cernunnos
"It gladens me, to see you all so numerous for this most humble o' Ceremony. That even in these lands there be protectors o' the Wild, both druids, rangers and otherwise, ready to stand against the tide o' unnatural corruption which besets these lands.

Another cutter recently told me that maybe I was wrong to try to better understand the land and find a way back to my homeland. I struggled with this idea, I'm struggling still, but maybe that person was right. For maybe it be our duty and nothin' else which called us here.

That same cutter also told me that maybe I was wrong in thinking the land is corrupted, that maybe it is in balance the way it is supposed to be. But that premise I ardently refuse, for to be alive is to fight for survival. I be comin' from realms shaped by the powers o' beliefs, and it be my belief that one cutter can make a difference anywhere he be.

And if this is to be our soddin' Fate to be consigned to these lands, then so be it. We shall face the fact with resolve, with a new purpose and renewed hope for what could be o' this land. For yer presence here cutters, proves that it needs not be faced alone. A new covenant forged, old bounds rekindled, a new Circle of Druids and their allies to oppose the tide of darkness.

This be what the Ceremony of Renewal is all about. As we greet the dawn o' a new spring, life returning to the land, so do we druids renew ourselves too by remembering our commitments and vows. It matters not what creed you follow nor which Powers you worship to, so long as you stand firm against the corruption o' the Wild, you will find sisters and brothers by your side.

For those unfamiliar with the ceremony, it is rather simple and follows no formal rules nor decorum, but these simple guidelines. Each druid, and anyone else wishin' to make a commitment, is invited in turn in the middle o' the circle. In their own fashion, they are invited to bless this sacred grove and renew their vows as they see fit. And without further delays, we shall start the Ceremony o' Renewal. Who shall go first?"

The halfling druidess Frido Nicebourgh chose to go first and asked the attendees to leave the circle a moment.

Quote from: Frido Nicebourgh
"With everylife there is pain, there is agony. Yet with each death this pain is ended. And new life begins to take its place. Spring as come my friends, my comrades, my children. It is time for rebirth."

As she crouched to pick up some dead herbs, she explained that it was needed to purge what is dead to allow something new to grow up and mustering some of the powers of Nature she commands, burnt the dead herbs from whole surface of the circle with a powerful fire spell. She then called forth a volunteer to participate in her rites.

Using her sickle, she drew forth blood from the forearm of the volunteer, and along with some other blood she was carrying in a bottle, let it poor freely to the ground. If they were murmurs at this act, some even voicing their concern that their should be no human sacrifices. Those fears were soon alleviated and none interrupted. As the blood hit the ground an aura surrounded them both.

Quote from: Frido Nicebourgh
"Let the blessings of spring be upon you child, may the new year begin. Welcome to the Ceremony everyone, may it begin and be long remembered"

As the halfling left the circle, the same man whom offered his blood remained and in turned he addressed the gathered crowd.

Quote from: Natham Cole
//Sorry I am missing that part but that will be corrected as soon as possible.

Another woman would then take up the place. Making her way to the stump and crouching a moment to murmur something gently to the earth. Turning back toward the assemblee, she'd take a deep breath before her address.

Quote from: Leta-Basha
"I wish fist to make an apology to those whow know me here. We celebrate now the coming of spring, but I have long been wintery in my manner. I have been hateful towards aspects of nature."

She paused and glanced skyward briefly before continuing.

Quote from: Leta-Basha
"I wish for this to be a new spring in my life, for many have aided me in my long winter."

She smiled to those who stood about, then leaned again to touch the grass.

Quote from: Leta-Basha
"Let us grow strong in the land, and be strong together, eh?"

And with these simple words she left the circle. The one named Fade elected to go next.

Quote from: Fade
I'm not... brilliant with words like Cern, or Frido, or have any special songs to sing, or powers to call upon

As she nodded to herself satisfied, she made her way behind the stomp, out of the sight of many, from which she planted some seeds, and like a miracle of life, the seeds grew and turned into grass which spread to the whole circle.

Came next a man whose single distinctive feature was an amulet depicting a pointed hand surrounded by swirling winds. His concerns toward the horned druid's nature was obvious, but it was never spoken aloud nor did object of his uneasiness reacted in anyway to his disposotions. As he took his turn in the circle is word were brief and simple, but did nonetheless echo the call for change which the Ceremony signifies.

Quote from: Waylon Sherwood
"While I probably cannot count myself as many of you... I like to see the attempt of change... And with that being said... I hope you all succeed."

He nodded politely, and left the circle, again taking a wide turn around the horned druid. As no one else ventured forward, just as he was first to speak so would the horned druid be last to renew his vows thus bringing the Ceremony full circle. The horned druid made his way to the middle of the circle some sort of potion in his hand and his precious lightning spear in the other, oblivious to the irony of its true origin. Pointing the tip of his spear skyward he began with forceful voice.

Quote from: Cernunnos
"Taranis! Master o' the Four Winds! God o' Thunder! Thy servant invoke thy blessings. Bless this sacred grove oh Skyfather, that it may stand has a bastion against the despoilers o' Nature! And as the Land provides for us, so shall we provide in return and act as its dutiful protectors.

He stops a moment holding aloft the vial holding a special restoration potion specially prepared for the occasion, as if offering it to the god of the skies, then pouring its content on the grove's ground as a symbol, cleansing the ground, or so he hoped, of any taint of corruption.

Quote from: Cernunnos
"In thy sight, oh Mighty Taranis, and the sight o' all the Gods o' the Celts, I renew my solemn oath to uphold the Ways o' the Wild and to act as a protector o' those livin' in accords with Nature. As a token o' my commitment, I forsake the use o' any metal armor, that I may live my life as close as may be to its most natural state."

"To all gathered here today, grant us Wisdom and Strength, that we may be successful in our endeavours. Grant us Courage and Fortitude that we may stand firm against all unnatural horrors. And in time o' needs, fill us with righteous Rage and Might, that we may bring forth thy wrath against the despoilers o' Nature!"

He ended the ritual with a solemn prayer uttered in his native tongue, invoking a final and powerful blessing of life upon both the assembly and the land. Thus was conclude the Ceremony of Renewal.

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