Author Topic: (DMs) A letter for Lizuca.  (Read 531 times)


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(DMs) A letter for Lizuca.
« on: December 03, 2014, 04:47:08 PM »
A letter is left for the Priestess, Lizuca, in the Morninglord Temple on the Western Outskirts of Vallaki.

"Dear Priestess.

My name is Saleshia Sselana. You may or may not recall me, given how many pass through your temple, but I always remember you and your fellow Morninglordians.
I am set upon aiding the people of this land. Of setting example and convincing more and more to come together as one, in the hopes of one day building a sanctuary of my own for those forced into this realm, or trodden upon by the societies they encounter. In part of this, I seek to gain new allies and repay the kind deeds of those who came before. Long has your temple sheltered all, not judging for race nor use of magic. It is evident in the state of the Temple that your resources are few, as are those of many others and so I would offer my aid. Name for me, in meeting or in letter, what it is you require and I will do my best to provide. It is high time you were better repaid for all the work you have done to protect the lost and alone.

You will know me by appearance if you wish to speak personally on this, I am the woman of purple hair that bears a whip as my weapon.

My kindest regards.


Saleshia Sselana."