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Official Statement
« on: November 07, 2014, 12:25:43 PM »
[A letter has been posted outside the Théatre, addressing the concerns of the general public.]
Quote from: NOTICE
Dearest concerned friends and patrons -
     It is with a heavy heart and our sincerest of condolences that we of the Théatre de la Cathédrale must announce that the rumors are true - A guest attending the All Hallows Eve Ball was, indeed, mortally injured. Madame Charlotte LaRouche expired after drinking a refreshment tainted with lethal poison, later identified as Andaas Brimbubbly '27.
     While this matter is still under investigation, we of the Théatre de la Cathédrale are taking new precautions and enacting policies to better protect our esteemed guests, and prevent this from happening ever again. Please, do not let this deter you from attending our future productions and events, as we must stand in the face of anarchy and say, "No we will not let you win!" And so, I, Zidonne LeFebvre - Knight of Song and Creative Director of the Théatre de la Cathédrale - pledge to uphold grace and dignity, and refute this most terrible criminal offense. I shall see that this assailant is brought to justice, and we shall continue to stand as not only a bastion of Art and Serenity, but with our dignity.
     And so, friends and supporters of Art and the Théatre de la Cathédrale, please continue to join us, as we stand to dissuade the flow of anarchy. Out of respect for the deceased, a grace period for the investigation will be allotted.


Zidonne LeFebvre