Author Topic: *Forged note upon the luna bridge crossing*  (Read 334 times)


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*Forged note upon the luna bridge crossing*
« on: July 25, 2014, 10:37:49 AM »
*Written in a sloppy common*

I Bogdan Antonescu, of sounder body than you, and better mind declare war on you, reader of this note. Why? Because you are an ant beneath my boot!

*Written in a caligraphic style handwriting*

Does this sound like the man who came across your border and slaughtered your men? Your brothers in arms? We the outlander horde, the many varied men and women that we are, have seen this cruelty. We can do nothing to stop it, even if we try. The face of Barovia is a proud face, hard working and able to pull through anything. That same face is shown to the outlanders and to your neighbors. We outlanders have gathered en mass to watch exocutions botched to more public torture under his orders. He is was a private who acted against the order of his superior. The one who could stop his rampage of cruelty to both outlanders and his fellow barovians, is within your cells the last we outlanders have heard of her. For the greater good of barovia, both Vallaki and Watcher, detain Bogdan Antonescu in exchange for Bianca Cardei. Both for the pacification of the outlander horde, and for the safety of Barovia's people. Beasts have slain many innocents in attempt on his life. Even his own lover was not safe from the side effects from his cruelty.

For the greater good.