Author Topic: A Call To Arms [[Posted throughout Wachter lands, at the Fishing Lodge, etc.]]  (Read 362 times)


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In the Name of the Lords Wachter, Burgomasters of Krezk, Boyars of the Province and most ancient and loyal Subjects of the Count Strahd XI von Zarovich.

A Call to Arms!

Whereas the threat of Invasion or Attack is looming, the encroaching Enemies of our mighty House are gathering, and the Legions of Evil are menacing our very Way of Life;

All Barovian men of good fitness and fighting age are called upon to join the Wachter Guard in the defense of the Province, her People and her Lords, united in common Purpose and steeled by common Resolve.

Fair pay, regular meals, kit and uniform provided. See Lance Corporal Gavril Valentin or any officer at the Wachter Estate.

:: All for the Wachters ::

//OOC: This is a great way to get involved with a faction that focuses on character development and native Barovian military, political and social roleplay.