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Author Topic: New Rule on Multiple Characters and Faction Memberships  (Read 4686 times)

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New Rule on Multiple Characters and Faction Memberships
« on: November 25, 2013, 10:05:15 AM »
We have decided to implement a new rule concerning faction membership. This isn't related to any specific events, but is a rule that has been long underway while we tried to arrive at the best terms and formulations.

Since we realise it may be obstructing the roleplay of some, it is also a rule that we for now will only have cover new faction members. In other words, current faction memberships will not be affected.

This is the new set of rules:


Multiple Characters and Faction Memberships.

- To preserve the suspense and better allow designing plots, membership of certain factions bars your other characters from active membership of factions having conflicting interests with the first. Your one character might still have multiple faction memberships however.

- Factions currently covered by this rule encompass: Ba'al Verzi, Gundarakite Rebels, The Nerull Cult, Red Vardo Traders and the Vallaki Guards. Other factions (including unofficial factions, i.e. player-run) may be added to this list per DM decision.

- If you have characters that have faction memberships conflicting this rule, you may decide to make the one character inactive, temporarily removing faction forum access. While having a character being inactive in this way, you should also avoid playing the character.


Background and reasoning

The main idea is to reduce metagaming (and equally important: speculation hereof) as well as increasing the sense of suspense in faction conflicts by disallowing a player to have characters on both sides of an inter-faction conflict. Even if most of you are very mature and responsible enough to not metagame and let information pass from one character to their alternate characters, it is still our impression that generally not knowing what's going on in the opposing factions can be a motivating factor for trying to outsmart, scheme against, foil plans etc. through IC means. Additionally, not knowing is in itself a major part of building the excitement and ultimately enjoyment of inter-faction dynamics.

If you have comments regarding this rule, please feel free to discuss it here:
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