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Author Topic: A letter to Taka Shyr Horn of the Wayfarers  (Read 494 times)


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A letter to Taka Shyr Horn of the Wayfarers
« on: March 09, 2014, 10:22:39 AM »
This letter is delivered at the Kinship's base of operation in Vallaki

Dear sir.

When I reached to thee earlier regarding the recent strife between our organizations, it was in good faith and the sincere hope that we could resolve the situation peacefully so that we could each of us resume our duties. Duties which in our own respective ways consists in helping out people against forces of darkness.

Following our conversation I was under the impression that we had an understanding. On my part I would see to get edict labeling the Lady Arianwen an enemy of the church rescinded and would insure that no hostile actions of any kind were taken by our congregations against the Wayfarers. On your side you would extend the same courtesy and insure that no actions were taken against the Church of Ezra by your own members, including making sure no more slanders about our Church would be spread by your members. An agreement of common sense I dare say.

Unfortunately it quickly became clear that the Lady Arianwen had no intention to respect your authority in this matter. Not only did she spied on our conversation under a cloak of invisibility, but she also had the following message relayed to templar Zivon de'Scusa: "I will stop spreading the truth of your evil when you issue a public apology and promise never to attempt to harm me or my friends again."

Sad to say but her actions reflects poorly on your organization and raises questions on your own ability to lead and control your kinship and to resolve conflicts peacefully if your own members do not defer to your wisdom. No proof whatsoever has ever been brought forward that one of us ever attempted to do her harm without cause, whereas she has been known to lie and attack us without reasons. Make no mistake, she chose willfully to be an enemy of the Faith, not the way around. The latest note she passes is only another proof of this. More so, by your own account there is "no evidence" against or for her claims that an Ezrite attempted to harm her without cause. If as such you gave her the benefit of the doubt, so must you to grant us the same courtesy and absolve us of all wrong doing and so must she stop her senseless campaign against us.

Now, just as I do not judge the value of the whole Wayfarers by the indisciplined and destructive behavior of the lady Arianwen, I also expect her and all others not to judge the whole Church of Ezra by the actions of the few who may have wronged her (although again this is highly doubtful, from what we know of her she seeks only to sow strife). The Church of Ezra has ever worked for the betterment of human conditions, the protection of the weak, the care to the sick and the opposition to the Legions of the Mists of Death. These have always and ever will be our goals. To say otherwise will always be a lie and an unacceptable affront to our beliefs.

I still consider the Wayfarers a noble organization and trust that common sense and wisdom will allow us all to move forward in peace toward the realizations of our respective missions. And if peace is the Wayfarer's goal as I think it is, then all its members should embrace it. I hope the Lady Arianwen will come to her sense, that you will make her see the truth that she doesn't have to be our enemy and that she will take responsibility for her actions. If she does, I will be there to help as best as I can to mend the rifts between us. But if she doesn't then she dishonors what the Wayfarer Kinship's stands for and you should expel her from your ranks before she bring further harm to your reputation.

Either way, there is no reasons for the Wayfarer Kinship and the Church of Ezra to be at odds when we have so much noble goals and so many real ennemies in common. I pray that both you and the Lady Arianwen will seize this opportunity of peace.

I look forward to discuss further with you to resolve the situation. You may reach me or send reply to me at the Shrine of Dutiful Mercy in the village of Barovia.

May Ezra bless us all and guide us in wisdom.

Koryan Thorgarov
Warden of the Pure Hearts
Best Regards!

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